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Monday cocktail hour! Because I’m already looking forward to Friday. And I bought this proper and cool copper mug during a visit to the most excellent Cocktail Kingdom showroom in Manhattan. The first FCH Moscow Mule described its origins (it was a Smirnoff device to drive sales!). Also my recipe was imperfect. After countless Dark and Stormys in Key West, I recognized that the amount of lime juice is important to contrast the sweetness of the ginger beer. Below are the proportions I like best.


Moscow Mule

  • 2 ounces vodka
  • 1/2 ounce lime juice
  • 4 ounces ginger beer (or to taste)
  • wedge of lime for garnish
  1. Fill a copper mug with ice. Add vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer.
  2. Garnish with lime.


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13 Wonderful responses to “Moscow Mule Revisited”

  • Christine

    Oh the Moscow Mule! So delightful and refreshing–especially if you muddle a little sprig of rosemary in your copper mug first! Do you have a preferred ginger beer? I’ve taken a shine to Regatta, but I’m always looking for new ideas.

    Happy drinking,

  • Kimberly S.

    I definitely love using Rachel’s Ginger Beer, from Seattle, and Sun Liquor vodka. So yummy

    • Jeffy B

      I believe it has to do with the fact that copper transfers heat (or in this case cold) very well, so that the outside of the mug will get icy very quickly and keep it cold. Now how well that works versus something that actually insulates I don’t know, but that’s just what I’ve heard.

  • Saffoula

    Batch 206 Vodka + Timber City Ginger Beer makes a killer Moscow Mule – it’s my current go to.

  • Matt Krantz

    Feavertree makes the best ginger beer. The Ginger People maks a very unique version that is sweet and mildly spicy unless you swirl the bottle to incorporate the pureed ginger on the bottom (makes it hot and spicey). I second the Batch 206 Vodka

  • Chip Bodie

    Although not “traditional,” I have been substituting Blenheim’s Ginger ale (red cap) for a slight more ginger heat against the lime. Garnishing with both lime and crystallized/sugared ginger slice.

  • David Somerville

    Michael, thanks for sharing a little inspiration to get us all through the week! Must confess that I have never tried ginger beer but looks like I have a good excuse to try something new!

  • Michael Villar

    While a moscow mule is nice, I prefer it with gin as the spirit in place of vodka. I guess it’d be a British Mule? Either way, add gin instead of vodka and a sprig (or two) of mint. Excellent.


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