Orange. Photo by Donna Turner Ruhlman.

Michael and Donna are in New York City for the week meeting up with book publishers and OpenSky, and Michael is judging Iron Chef. He asked me to do another repost today, so I selected one of Donna’s photos. Look forward to a new post from Michael on Monday.  —Emilia

Originally Posted March 30, 2011


Long enamored of black and white, my wife and collaborator has been working on a series of food shots featuring not food so much as the color of food. If you like her work, let her know or have a look at her gallery at

Update: In response to a comment on the original post, Donna says she can make available reasonably priced 11×14 prints of this photo or any of her shots on her site. Email her there or send me an email via the above contact tab, and one of us will get back to you next week.

As ever, I’m grateful to all who come to this site, especially those who comment and keep the conversation lively! Thank you!


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3 Wonderful responses to “Orange Orange”

  • KristineB

    Damn. Seriously, I was supposed to go to the taping of Iron Chef this week (a Veggie U auction item my friend won last summer), but schedules did not allow. Another time, Michael.

  • allen

    ghost post II:

    This one’s called: “Three’s Company”.
    As in:
    Rob, Roy and, Pete.

    As in:
    Peat, the smokey peat from Scotland.

    Let’s just call it a Rob Roy with an Islay scotch.
    The smokey (peatey) scotch.

    If I had the patience and talent to photograph a picture like Donna, the leading image would be an ice cold fluted champagne glass, with perfect lighting and color coordinated with some type of garnish that matches perfectly and makes your mouth water with anticipation of the first sip.

    I am a cell phone photographer with no talent and the image would not appeal anyone.
    Not even to an person on the street corner with a
    ” what the hell, why lie, I need a beer sign.”
    So, no photo, thank you very much.

    The magic of this Friday cocktail post is Donna’s photos..
    . And Ruhman’s paragraph that leads into the basic simple recipe.

    So please excuse the lack of the above and enjoy the recipe for a fine cocktail.
    One that you can sip and enjoy.
    Not to sweet.
    Makes you feel down right uppity and worthwhile in a champagne glass.

    Simple, but not swiggin crap for sure.

    3’s Co.:

    2 oz Islay scotch, like Laphroaig, Lagavulin or Ardberg. Pretty much anything Islay.

    1 oz. sweet vermouth.

    Dash of good bitters, your choice, hopefully homemade.

    Lemon peel or maraschino cherry to garnish.

    Add the scotch and sweet vermouth to an ice filled vessel.

    Allow to comingle long enough to say the words, ” comingle, bitches”

    Strain into an ice cold fluted champagne glass.

    Garnish with a lemon peel or maraschino cherry.

    Get all James Bondsey and feel good about yourself.
    Forget about the past week and enjoy your Friday cocktail.
    Or Saturday cocktail if your not a night owl like me.

    Cheers, and happy Friday or Saturday to all!!!