It’s been a long day of wrapping and cooking in preparation for Christmas, amazingly stress free because of my amazing wife and colleague Donna. Her photo above is something of a self-portrait of us on the Christmas tree. Mom and James made cookies and I made our annual Addison’s Brioche.  Mom wants to use it to make sticky buns so we’ll fill some muffin pans with brown sugar, butter and pecans, top each with the brioche and refrigerate till tomorrow morning. It’s become a tradition. As has the reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas before bed. Traditions are powerful indeed.

The day has also been occasion to think about how lucky I am, for Donna, for Donna’s work, for the health of my children, on this bountiful holiday. I miss my dad who was the very embodiment of The Ghost of Christmas Present. But his spirit is all through this big old house and under the tree.

Many thanks to all the wonderful readers who wander by this site. I hope you all have festive holidays. This is a religious holiday, but I hope it’s a time when all of us can remember the most important thing all, what Christmas should embody and what I hope for, Linus’s good words: Peace on earth and good will toward all.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Holiday inspired:

© 2011 Michael Ruhlman. Photo © 2011 Donna Turner-Ruhlman. All rights reserved


11 Wonderful responses to “Christmas Wishes”

  • Mimi morris

    Love your books, especially twenty- which is absolutely brilliant. And love your blog. Xoxo

  • NancyRing

    Merry Christmas!

    This photo could be a “self portrait” of my husband and me as well. Except I’m the cook, he the photographer. Love it!

    Best wishes for continued good health, happiness and success.

  • Robert Gould

    Thank you, Michael, for your passion, caring, commitment to excellence and your unwavering belief that it is indeed, cooking that makes us human, and in the making and sharing of food with family and friends we are all one with the soul of the world.

  • Teri

    Happy Holiday to you too…so excited for the prime rib today seared on the grill as you recommended also the great Yorkshire pudding.

  • Becky

    My husband got me your new book from Appletree Books in Cleveland Heights for Christmas and I was thrilled! He managed to get me one of the ones you had left signed and I’ve read it nonstop since receiving it. It is fascinating to have techniques explained in a way that can be applied in so many ways. Pretty cool as well since you are a local, we also live in The Heights 🙂 Thanks for another wonderful book!

  • Gerry

    I received a great gift of 6 sea salts – Fleur de Sel; Murray River; Brazil Rose; Himalayan Pink; Salish Alderwood Smoked; and Aleaea Hawaii. Other than guessing at what foods they’d be good for finishing, I don’t have a clue how to use them. Do you have any suggestions or can you suggest a source of info? Googling didn’t help.

    Thanks, and Happy New Year! Gerry

  • Anna

    A wonderful sentiment. Christmas Blessing to you and yours. This is the first Christmas without my dad and I appreciate your words on your dad. I feel the same as the house is warm with the smile of my dad during this season.

  • carrie

    I love this post, for many reasons. The photo is great. (I especially like the teeny-tiny frying pan ornament). Your words are true. It’s been three years and as many Christmases since my mom passed away, and this was the best one, thus far. She loved Christmas as much as I suspect your dad did, based on what you’ve shared with us readers about him. I hope you had a lovely holiday. Food can do wonders. I’m making my mom’s schnecken, and other things, and keeping the spirit alive.

    Also, I got your new book for Christmas and it’s just fantastic. I thought I was smart about salt but I’ve already learned something new. Love it.

  • Christie

    Happy new year, Micheal! I’d like to tell you that I’m more grateful for your ‘Ratio’ book than any other culinary book I’ve bought so far. It’s very enlightening and comprehensible. At first I purchased just one and gave it to my friend I was visiting in Vancouver for Christmas. (Oh, the beauty of VanDusen Botanical Garden and the snowy Grouse Mountain!) I had a closer look when she unpacked her present. At that moment I knew I want to buy me one, too. Good luck to you and Donna with everything you pursue!


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