I ran this photo by Donna a while ago, but came across it this weekend and love it so much I decided to put it back up. Just because.

Want to see something even more beautiful? Watch this video, from Grant Achatz and the team at Alinea and Next, the restaurant that is now devoted to childhood. Anyone else tear up? It was the beaters that got me. (My colleague Emilia Juocys found it and put it in the Sidenotes here but it deserves to be featured.)


22 Wonderful responses to “Green!”

  • Angela Alaimo

    That is really awesome. Just love how they interpret some favourite childhood foods, and while they do it all so elegantly, the playfulness is still there. Like the beaters. And the stick people. And the lunch boxes!

  • E. Nassar

    This was perfect and fantastic…but I thought “modernist cuisine” and “molecular gastronomy” is supposed to be robbing the “soul” out of cooking, not make me tear up! Thanks for sharing it and I will be emailing this link to quiet a few people.

  • Greg Berg

    Great Video….speaking of GREEN….I look forward to hearing about your Big Green Egg.

  • Christine Wolfe

    For me, the boys’ seriousness while making the PB&J juxtaposed against the adults’ playfullness drwaing the sun on the plate is what got me. Who, in any stage of life, isn’t yearning for some elusive something that they perceive they’ve either never achieved, or are trying to recapture? Mr. Achatz is truly an artist. Great observation, Natalie.

  • Susan

    I loved this! Everyone should get to have the joy of being a kid again, to play with food in the kitchen and at the table.

  • Chris K.

    I’m sorry, but I can’t identify with the emotional response others have to this kind of cooking. I feel it’s kitsch. Certainly executed at a high level, with no doubt, but still kitsch, gone horribly wrong.

    I feel like it’s the taste-bud equivalent of child pornography, and it’s thoroughly disgusting.

  • Mattm

    Where’d the video go? Wanted to watch it again as a good “week ender”.

  • Lizg

    FYI on their faceboook page they noted the video was taken down because of some permission issue with the soundtrack music- they promised to recut with new music and get it back up soon…it is a lovely video and I can’t wait for my reservation in December!


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