The giveaway from OpenSky includes all of the above: a signed copy of my new book, an awesome boos cutting board, all of our wood paddles and offset spoons, the most important knives you can own, and the most awesome and useful pot on the market.

The dastardly minds at OpenSky have created an extraordinary collection of kitchen tools to lure you into their clutches. You are hereby forewarned!

But the fact is, they really are offering all of these great tools to one lucky winner who will get all of the above.  All you have to do is follow me on OpenSky and you’re entered.  (For those who already follow me there, you are already automatically entered!)

Click here for a chance to win these kitchen essentials at OpenSky.

For those of you not familiar with OpenSky, it’s a relatively new ecommerce site sourcing cool stuff recommended by food, health, style and design experts. They allow me to recommend kitchen tools I personally love. I only offer tools and food products I would buy and use myself, and only if I feel the price is right.  They’ve created some terrific deals on great tools, like the DMT Sharpening Stone and the Goliath Mortar and pestle (these will come back soon, so stay tuned!).  It’s also where I’m able to offer our Dalton-Ruhlman products, the reusable all-strain cloths, for instance, and the spoons and paddles above.

You’ve got till 11:59 pm Eastern time, next Tuesday, September 20th, to sign up.  There’s a link at the bottom of the page for specific rules. (With great apologies, this is a U.S. addresses only contest; Open Sky is working on international shipping, stay tuned.)

UPDATE 9/12/11: The winner has been chosen! It’s John Chang, of Potomac, MD!  Congrats John and happy cooking!


11 Wonderful responses to “OpenSky Giveaway: Kitchen Essentials!”

  • Susan

    Would love to win this stuff. I already have a magical Le Creuset pan but then I could share one with my son who has turned into a good cook and would enjoy cooking in one of these great pans!

  • DJ

    Ooh, I hope I win!
    I wanted to ask you… I bought the bamboo pot scrubber, and I love it, but I’m having a hard time keeping it clean. The center of the scrubber end doesn’t dry out very well, and it’s getting moldy. Any storage suggestions?

    • ruhlman

      I dry mine prong side down in the silverware basket on my dish rack. Don’t let it sit prongs down or handle down as water collects between it and the surface, that’s when mold will happen. it just needs some way of drying.

  • Jessica

    Wow, what a generous giveaway! and, the contest ends on my birthday.. wink wink. Keep rockin’ out awesome kitchen tools, Ruhlman. I’ve been lusting over them since the spanker, unfortunately I have yet to find room in my grad student budget to collect them all!

  • Tucker Keene

    Thats…quite the giveaway…I do wish there were several tens of thousands less following you so I may have a better chance!

  • dfh

    I’d love to win but I’ll never know if I do. After 4 days of non-stop spam I added them to my spam filter.


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