Jonathon Sawyer at Greenhouse Tavern/All photos by Donna Turner Ruhlman

Restaurants have flourished in Cleveland over the past decade.  Michael Symon’s places are nationally know; Donna and I had a great summer meal al fresco at Doug Katz’s Fire Food and Drink on Friday (does the best brunch in Cleveland, too), finally got to eat some great food truck food last night from Chris Hodgon, and the place that makes me so happy these days: The Greenhouse Tavern.  They hand grind beef to order for tartare, roast chickens en croute, serve humble clams with snooty foie gras, and roast whole hogs heads and serve them on the bone.  Defiant cuisine in a meat-and-potatoes I-want-my-burger-well-done town.  Or used to be.  No longer. Thanks to everyone mentioned here, and the too many others to even list.

We ate one here one night last spring and Donna was so inspired she asked to return to document a night at the restaurant.  Have a look at her Greenhouse Tavern gallery on her site.  I recommend arriving at The Greenhouse around four p.m. and eating and drinking until it closes. That should give you time to sample the entire menu.

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8 Wonderful responses to “The Greenhouse Tavern”

  • Wilma de Soto

    Looks really good. I wish they were there when I was a student at Oberlin, but gives me a few ideas for my next visit.-Thanks

  • Tom G

    How serendipitous! My wife asked me today, “Do you want to move to Cleveland?” because she is applying for a job there. After reading about the city, I said, “Sure! The sooner, the better.” After reading this, I’ve started to check real estate listings.


  • Shawnie Kelley

    We featured them in Edible Columbus an issue or two ago…. not to mention it is the first certified green restaurant in Ohio.

  • kakaty

    When we moved to Cleveland we happened upon Chef Sawyer when he was at Bar Cento (a write up on his weekly Chefin’ with Kids caught our attention and we promptly fell in love with their sunnyside pizza). We weren’t what you would call foodies when we moved here but we are now. Jonathon & Amelia are a big part of that …they are some of the hardest working and nicest people we know. We are huge fans of the GHT (it’s the only place I trust enough to get the tartare) – even our 4 year old requests dinner there when we decide to go out. I can’t wait to see what else they do (Anxiously awaiting the opening of NoodleCat!)

  • allen

    Snooty food, not snooty service – this place looks fantastic. Nothing like it anywhere near me.

  • DJ

    We LOVE Greenhouse Tavern. Oh, now I have a taste for their awesome Gravy Frites! Mmmm.

  • Lisa

    When I came to Cleveland to visit family last fall, Greenhouse Tavern was my restaurant pick. We all loved it. Looking forward to my next visit!!