Taking a breather and have have been eating load upon load of NC clams. So good and so delicious.


The Perfect Way To Cook Clams

Use the little guys, little necks or cherrystones. Saute some garlic in a big pot in some butter or oil. Add a cup of white wine and a cup of water (all depends on your pot, you want plenty of steam). Throw in some fresh thyme, dump in your clams, cover and cook on medium high or high. Melt some butter. When the clams open they’re done. If you have a lot, take out the open ones so they don’t over cook. Eat them standing up, dipping clams in butter. If you want, strain the pot liquor through a coffee filter and use to make a clam chowder or clams sauce thickening with roux and enriching with cream.

And you can also grill them! Direct heat, covered, when they open, they’re saying here I am, I’m ready!

Back next week. Happy summer!




13 Wonderful responses to “Beaching It”

  • Andrew

    Nice sunburn there, Michael. I love to cook, but I make my living as a dermatologist removing skin cancers (Mohs Surgeon). Give me a ring when yours need treatment. You could at least throw an umbrella up or something! A wide brim hat would be good too. You may want to be more careful with your recreational sun exposure. http://www.skincancer.org/

    And speaking of skin cancer, the woman in your photo with the red striped shirt needs to get that mole on her right chest examined by a dermatologist. Melanoma is the second most common cancer in women aged 20 – 29, and it’s deadly.

    • Andrew

      Looks like you removed that photo I was mentioning, which was wise. Feel free to remove my comment if you’re afraid it may ruin anyone’s vacation, but she really should get that looked at. Enjoy Ocracoke! It’s beautiful out there.

      • Natalie Sztern

        Andrew I hate to cut into your business, even tho I am a total advocate of what u say; but aside from the sun causing cancer it is also a woman’s worst friend if just for the wrinkles it causes,too. Just to show how life is so unfair: men can get cancer from the sun but woman can get cancer AND wrinkles…LOL another burden we bear…is it just me or do boys and girls, men and women, look their ugliest when they are un-naturally dark, red or downright burnt? I digress: this is a food blog and Michael should be enjoying his down time even if someone might mistake him for a lobster….:))

    • feltman

      Thanks for the skin-fo doctor buzz-kill. You must be a riot at parties.

  • Mantonat

    So unfair showing these photos to someone in a land-locked state! The photo of the truck reminds me of the shrimp trucks that used to come up to Dallas from the Gulf coast when I was a kid. When the season was right, my dad would come home with a few pounds of fresh shrimp and we’d cover the kitchen table in newspaper for a big peel-and-eat dinner.

    Clams are among my favorite foods; I love them the way you mention, on pizza, in chowder, even breaded and fried (as long as they are fresh and not cooked into little rubber bands). Whenever I visit coastal regions, I make a point of sampling as many different clam chowders as possible. One of the best so far was from a little shack in Bodega Bay, CA called the Spud Point Crab Company.

    • Cali

      Oh, how I adore Bodega Bay! My favorite place to eat is on the north end of town in another little shack called The Boat House. They have really good barbecued oysters. For dinner I really like Lucas Wharf. There used to be a fine dining restaurant at what used to be my favorite hotel and spa, but it has changed hands since I’ve been there and it seems to be only a continental breakfast bar now. Also, no more spa services. Hmmm. I might need to find a new favorite coastal hotel and spa.

  • Troy Banks

    I love Ocracoke, I’m from about an hour inland from the Outer Banks, so its like being home for me and bring forth a great feeling when I’m out there. Hate to plug it, but if you’re into a trip just near shore/sound fishing, my Uncle runs a charter out of Manteo (www.overdrawncharters.com). Have fun workin on your tan and eating great seafood.

  • lux

    littlenecks on the grill with just a spritz of fresh-squeezed lime juice ….. perfect.

  • Julie Anne Rhodes

    We always made our clams the same way in Portugal, only with fresh chopped cilantro instead of thyme – I can close my eyes and be transported back there when I taste them.

  • Eastprong

    At the beach now, near Charleston. Bought some NC clams, and since they’re not as fresh as they are on the OB, steamed them then tossed with sauteed local green tomatoes, Benton’s bacon, and fresh oregano, served over spaghetti


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