One of the amazing and gratifying facets of internet e-commerce and communication, is that when I and my business partner Mac Dalton created the coolest wood paddles around we were told loud and clear that we hadn’t done enough.  We had a small one and a humongous one, the awesome Spanker, but there was nothing in between.

Now there is, thanks to you: The Spankette, created for readers who asked for it.  You were right, and we got it right, we hope: the Spankette is the perfect all-purpose flat-edged wooden spoon for daily cooking, stirring that bolognese sauce, that mushroom risotto, gently scraping the bottom of the pan as you stir to prevent scorching and sticking.

And they’re beautiful, as Donna’s photo below shows.

The paddle trio: The Spanker, The Spankette, and The Spankie.


We’re offering them four different ways, one set of each size, two Spankies, two Spankettes, or a single awesome The Spanker.

As ever, thanks for your input, keep it coming, and thank you
OpenSky for giving us this great venue for making them available to an even broader audience.


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© 2011 Michael Ruhlman. Photo © 2011 Donna Turner-Ruhlman. All rights reserved



21 Wonderful responses to “The Trio Spanker Bundle”

  • Alexander Deighton

    These look great!
    Come on, channel your inner Ron Popeil and tell us that yours are the only wooden spoons we should buy!

  • Barbara Albritton

    Ruhlman, your a writer for heaven’s sake. You diss Besh about consomme on “NIC” yet you write a sentence that includes “I and my business partner”?

  • Barbara Albritton

    Oops, that should have been “you’re a writer” – was thinking faster than typing. I’ll let you off the hook.

  • jdsullivan

    Barbara: (S)he who lives in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones

  • sarah

    What I like about you, Michael, is how much you admire and love your wife’s work. She is a very talented photographer, but I love how you express it all the time. Cute 🙂

  • samiam

    Ah… the continuation of the “hawker” and damn food. Too bad it always goes down this path.

  • Carolyn Z

    If you are a No Reservations fan, Michael Ruhlman is on the Hudson Valley, NY episode on Friday at 2 pm Eastern and 5 pm Pacific. Enjoy!

  • Stephanie

    The names make me giggle. One of these days I’ll have to order a set – these seem like something I’d use consistently. In the kitchen.

    • Mac

      You will LOVE them…just wipe down with some cooking oil…I use rosmary garlic infused olive oil because I love the scent….and the will be a great tool for you!

  • Big Dave

    I love the look of your Spankers. Unfortunately, you have chosen to sell them via Open Sky. Open Sky won’t even let me look at them unless I log onto their site by joining or going through Facebook, to which I do not belong. Sorry, way too many possibilities for a security problem going through one site after another without clearly defined security standards. Would have bough them had you used a safe, mainstream seller.

    Oh well

  • Earl Schiffke

    My girlfriend likes a spanking now and then and her preferred instrument is not my hand , but a wide wooden spoon . Seriously inflicts a better tingle than a hand .

  • Per Gravenius

    These are just awesome, unfortunately, OpenSky does not ship internationally, so they won’t find their way to my kitchen in Sweden. Is there any other way I can get my hands on these?

  • Deborah

    They do look awesome, and they sold out in only 2 weeks. No way of knowing if it’s overwhelming demand or minimal production. Almost every time I’ve wanted to buy something from Open Sky, they are out of stock, or no longer available. Sucks.

  • ruhlman

    deborah, more are expected today or tomorrow. sorry it’s been frustrating for you. I’ll email you when they’re in. it’s frustrating for us too!

  • kelly

    I ordered these from Open Sky and love them, but the middle one (spankette?) arrived with the corner of the paddle chipped off. Do I need to return the whole set to Open Sky (even though it’s partially used) or can I get a replacement for just that one? Just looking for the right venue to get this remedied. Thanks!!