Rip  & Mike #2

Happy Father’s Day to all you guys out there who have brought little people into the world! I hope you’re duly honored. Most of you reading this do so because you cook—God bless you for that! I love guys who cook for their family. There’s something really powerful about them. Maybe because my dad, above, circa 1968, cooked food over fire all year long for us.

Happily, Donna let’s me cook anything I want on Father’s Day, so I’ll relaxing by the grill tending a spatchcocked turkey (thanks for the idea, Cheryl). This is not steak or a burger. This is 12-pound bird—currently soaking in a sage brine—and so will require a good couple hours, at least, of hanging out around the fire, tending the fire, mopping the bird with butter seasoned with mustard and tarragon and shallot, and generally feeling lucky.

I don’t get to tell my dad Happy Father’s Day anymore or tell him how much I love him, but he taught me how to grill so I can think about him and thank him with a great roasted bird and the butter baste he came up and served his friends and family all summer long.

Happy Father’s Day.


13 Wonderful responses to “Happy Father’s Day, 2011”

  • Sandy Netherton

    What a wonderful way to honor your dad today. Happy Father’s Day to you, Michael.

  • Kathy

    Gosh, you look just like him! Happy Father’s Day to you. Spatchcocked turkey on the grill sounds amazing!

  • Natalie Sztern

    Michael, looking at your father is like looking at you…how lucky you are to have inherited your father’s features and I am sure much of his personality as a Dad…Happy Father’s Day.

  • Cali

    Holy twin brothers from other mothers, Batman! You really DO look like your Dad! Your Dad did a great thing in teaching you to grill. I’m a Mom, single for all but the first year of my son’s life, but I’ve taught him to love gardening and cooking. I don’t think he’s ever quite as happy as he is when I bring home a chuck roast and tell him he can grind it for burgers which can then be grilled.

    I don’t know if he’ll ever have kids of his own, but if he does, I know they will eat nutritious, delicious home grown and homemade food. They won’t be at the mercy of Mc Donald’s.

  • Allie Eilers

    What a memorable photo of you and your dad…Happy Father’s Day to you..Allie

  • ed

    what a great tribute to both your dad and yourself. keep on keepin’ on.

  • David in San Antonio

    Nice. My ex, more than once, has thanked me for teaching our son how to cook. Mainly because he’s the chief cook for my DIL and granddaughters.

  • melissa

    I’ve a protected account so didn’t get to answer your twitter question about why not cook turkey year round…my personal answer to that is my local poultry farm only has ’em ready in the fall!

  • YOD

    I love that picture. And your hero worship (here and in past tributes to your father) is beautiful.


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