One of the amazing and gratifying facets of internet e-commerce and communication, is that when I and my business partner Mac Dalton created the coolest wood paddles around we were told loud and clear that we hadn’t done enough.  We had a small one and a humongous one, the awesome Spanker, but there was nothing in between.

Now there is, thanks to you: The Spankette, created for readers who asked for it.  You were right, and we got it right, we hope: the Spankette is the perfect all-purpose flat-edged wooden spoon for daily cooking, stirring that bolognese sauce, that mushroom risotto, gently scraping the bottom of the pan as you stir to prevent scorching and sticking.

And they’re beautiful, as Donna’s photo below shows.

The paddle trio: The Spanker, The Spankette, and The Spankie.


We’re offering them four different ways, one set of each size, two Spankies, two Spankettes, or a single awesome The Spanker.

As ever, thanks for your input, keep it coming, and thank you
OpenSky for giving us this great venue for making them available to an even broader audience.


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