Photo by Donna Turner Ruhlman

Long enamored of black and white, my wife and collaborator has been working on a series of food shots featuring not food so much as the color of food. If you like her work, let her know or have a look at her gallery at

I’m on vacation from now until Monday, April 4.  Until then, check back in here every other weekday for another of Donna’s photos.

As ever, I’m grateful to all who come to this site, especially those who comment and keep the conversation lively! Thank you!

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Happy cooking, everyone!

© 2011 Michael Ruhlman. Photo © 2011 Donna Turner-Ruhlman. All rights reserved.


15 Wonderful responses to “Green”

  • Neil

    Boys themselves. My first Ruhlman read ages ago after seeing a review in the PD maybe? Was happy to see my Shaker boys beat them in hockey a few weeks back. 🙂 Have been reading your work ever since and it appears you are living the dream. Good on you.

  • Elizabeth Mendez

    At this time of year, green is one of my favorite colors of food as it signifies the arrival of spring. Ramps, fava beans, asparagus, peas … the food is a lovely resurgence and inspiration in cooking. Looking forward to more photos this week.

  • Victoria

    I love color. The downstairs of my house are the three primary colors, very saturated, in a row: living room = sunflower yellow, dining room = raspberry red, kitchen = Cornishware blue. You can see all three colors from each room.

    This picture “Green” is beautiful; I hope Donna will publish a book, The Color of Food.

    Have a great vacation.

  • Carri

    I remember getting Making of a Chef about the same time I got a hold of a copy of the French Laundry Cookbook (seriously, that book still takes my breath away). The story of writing those books compelled me to look for more by Michael, which is how I found this blog. The idea that we would be engaged directly in a full on food dialog is so amazing to me! Thank you, Michael and Donna for being so generous. Have a great vacation! Beautiful pics, D…will look forward to the series!

  • Margaret

    Donnas photography is outstanding. Has she ever considered a calendar? I love food calendars in my kitchen and her photos are exactly what I like to see in my kitchen!

  • Jason Sandeman

    I love the composition in this photo, as well as the vibrant color! I am just getting started in DSLR photography. Boy I would LOVE to pick your wife’s brain on how she takes photos. Of course, I have to learn my camera first!
    Have a great vacation!

  • Carolyn Z

    I really like the different shades of green, which make the food look more interesting and delicious. I also vote for photo taking tips.

  • CL

    If this also had spinach, arugula, and cilantro, I’d buy a framed print!

  • Chef philip Geneman

    Beautiful!, nature produces the best colors. I also plane to learn photography, I love the creativity of the arts whether it be food, panting, and photography it is all art. I will definitely thank your wife for such a great pictures she is very talented. Thanks!

  • mostlybadfly

    Love the photo! This is the exact color that I have all over my kitchen. I feel like it is such a great color to feature has such a fresh crisp feeling. Thanks for this, i’m really admiring Donna’s work!

  • brad barnett

    I know next to nothing about photography….slightly more about cooking and food. I do know what I like, and that photo describes “green” viscerally….Like biting into the tip of a perfectly fresh Jalapeno. Super green.

    Viva Chlorophyll!!!

  • James alias jayt90

    The green is almost like Fuji’s Velvia 50 film.
    Well done, Donna!