This week, two enthusiastic cook-bloggers, Cathy Barrow, of Washington, DC, and Kim Foster, of New York City, put a name to their joint efforts in curing duck breasts for duck prosciutto, hashtagging it on Twitter #charcutepalooza.  Their aim, one Charcuterie challenge per month.  A splendid idea, I thought.  The more cooking and curing that people do, the better the world is.  And the duck prosciutto is a perfect way to begin, an all but foolproof form of dry curing.  They’ve asked me to weigh in when needed and I will.  To their amazement, and my delight, 54 bloggers at last count have embraced the charcutepalooza challenge.  MrsWheelBarrow has the how what where on her site.  Join them in their monthly charcuterie quests!  May the body of charcuterie be with you.

OpenSky: A New Internet Commerce Concept

I loved the OpenSky concept—bring passionate people together to recommend tools and products they love and care about—the moment I heard it.  Though I didn’t realize it when I joined them, this company would also give me a way to make my own kitchen tools available, something I would have been hard pressed to do on my own.

In order to spread the word about OpenSky and to encourage more people to check it out, they’re creating special deals for those people who follow me on OpenSky (email addresses for OpenSky use only, they will not be sold or given away—lord knows there’s enough junk mail crap out there as it is, the bane of my inbox).  The first special offer goes out on Monday to those who do, and it comes with the possibility of winning 5 of my favorite tools for one lucky follower, randomly chosen by the folks at OpenSky on Wednesday 1/12.  So follow me on OpenSky if you want to know about the special deals the new products I’ll be introducing, and let me know what you think of the site and the products.

January is Bread Baking Month

Here at … Stay tuned for tomorrow’s guest post on a simple ciabatta from a talented baker in Alaska.  This is an especially good bread for novice bakers and a tasty casual rustic bread for all.