©photo by Donna Turner Ruhlman

When we first arrived on Arron Miller’s farm he was standing next to his outdoor oven stoking the fire. We didn’t have much time to interview him, get photos & eat a terrific mandatory lunch—so my photography couldn’t be the priority.

When you’re in a situation that prevents you from directing the subject—you just need to shoot . . . and shoot and shoot. I had taken hundreds of images when luckily, right before we left, the interview bought us out to his finishing field where I knew in one image I could convey—Arron Miller “Grass Fed Beef Farmer.” The others were taken earlier and don’t say that—but you better have them for back up—or for down the road when you need a different (unpublished) photo of the same person.

Happy shooting . . .and shooting and shooting!


2 Wonderful responses to “Editorial Portraits: Conveying Information”

  • John K.

    Donna — I read Michale’s blog regularly because I enjoy his writing — and your photos so much. I’m a home cook, and an avid (amateur) photographer — and I learn much from studying photos such as yours. Couldn’t agree more with the need to “shoot and shoot and shoot”…some of the best advice I ever got years ago was from a photographer who told me to always remember two things — “get up close (fill the frame), and shot a lot of shots”. More likely to get something good that way.

    Thanks for posting!

    John K.
    Akron, OH

  • pat

    Thank goodness for reusable ions, instead of reams and reams of film. Love the shot you’ve chosen: the backlighting nicely renders the edges.