©photo by Donna Turner Ruhlman

When a food photograph makes you hungry, there’s a good chance the food looks juicy. Think of a photo of an apple and then think of a photo of that apple just after being cut and the juice is dripping down the knife and skin.

To make sure you get the most shine in your photo—get your main light (whether sunlight or bulb) coming from the side or back. What your essentially doing is capturing the reflection of the light off the water or oil and bouncing it back directly into your lens. Too much can cause hot spots, so be sure to take a bunch, varying your angle slightly, to get just the right amount.

Happy Shooting!


One Wonderful response to “Home-Cured Bacon: Let It Shine”

  • Michael null Condon

    I am sorry that is not the way to make home cured bacon.
    The only way
    Get a full side or a full pig from your butcher
    Find a old wine barrel . wash it clean with boiling water.
    Then remove the head from pig and clean out the brain.
    Slice each side into 4 peaces
    place a layer (2″)of curing salt in the bottom of the barrel
    then make cuts on the layer of pork and rub some salt into it
    Then place it in the barrel , place more salt enough to cover it
    Repeat for the rest of the peaces till you come to the head
    First slice it into 2 peaces.
    Then you must be sure that it is clear of any brain.
    rub as much salt as you can into each side of the head and at top of the barrel place a heavy piece of timber on top of the meat . and place a old sack over the barrel . leave for 5 to 6 weeks. .
    Then remove and rap in brown paper , hang it up in an old kitchen,till it drys , it will be well cured and will last for 12 to 18 months.
    Happy eating.