©photos by Donna Turner Ruhlman

After I temporarily moved out of my studio today (our kitchen), Michael realized we needed to photograph the rest of the duck confit process—and he needed it done NOW. Instead of dragging my lights back up to the kitchen I was able to recreate the same lighting situation as the first shot because studio lighting is consistent.

You can photograph almost anything with available light and a tripod, but today it is dark with a foggy cloudy sky and,  like I said it needed to be done NOW!  Your lighting doesn’t have to be strobes, but the stronger the light, the faster shutter speed you can use (this shot hand-held @125 sec.) and a greater depth of field (f11). This is one of those photographs you don’t want a shaky spoon and you want everything to be in focus.

Happy shooting!


2 Wonderful responses to “Consistent Studio Lighting Sometimes A Must”

  • Nick (Macheesmo)

    Really great photo donna. And I love the perspective shot of your set-up as well.

    If someone were in the market for some nice studio lighting, what would you recommend?

  • Donna Turner Ruhlman

    I’m not the techie to ask about what equiptment brands are best, but I’ve had these Dyna-lites for 30 yrs. YIKES! and have really been pleased. I recently had to buy a new power pack because the sinc cord socket wore out—but no other problems—which is pretty amazing for equipment that travels to locations


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