lighted Palm Tree@440

I love travel photography because you can shoot anything you want, especially when I go off by myself and can really observe and concentrate on the light and what it creates. Here human beings are being silly thinking they can make this beautiful palm tree more beautiful.
Sand Art X3@460

You have to be willing to get up early to get the light.  I made these sand abstracts early one morning, rising at 6:30 and stopping at 9am because the light gets too harsh. If anyone knows me and had been watching me take these they would surely say, “what IS she doing now?”

Had a great time at the food blogger’s camp at Club Med Ixtapa. Food bloggers are wonderful people and food/photography bloggers are super great.  Diane and Tod of told us about Animoto videos—thanks guys—here’s my first attempt. And as my husband says one should never do—I hope I don’t bore anyone with my first video.

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6 Wonderful responses to “Ixtapa, Mexico: Food Blogger Camp and Travel Photos”

  • Donna Turner Ruhlman

    I really debated last night whether to post the video and probably self consciously called it BLOOGERS because I felt it was a BLOOPER.
    Couldn’t figure out how to post it correctly, not happy with the quality of my version and it doesn’t like vertical images which I take a lot of.
    Thanks for your generous comments—for me it’s back to the drawing board.

  • Paul Michael Smith

    Thsnks so much for the link to Animoto. I put together a small thing…much fun, By the way, I very much like your photography, as a former lighting designer and occasionial d.p., I must say, you really get it!

  • Natalie Sztern

    Donna it is great…(the music could be a little more cha-cha) ahhhh what would a comment be without a critic??? Seriously though, is there anything better than a winter vacation?