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Food bloggers camp rocked. The place, weather, food and free flowing booze was a spectacular break from frigid Cleveland, but it was the bloggers and their significant others that filled me with inspiration and warmth. Having been a photojournalist, it was also fun to be shooting not just food, but anything I wanted while there.

still catching up (got stuck in Houston overnight) but wanted to post something to say how excited I am to implement what I learned by finding out about  Animoto which will allow me to create a short slide show video on my page.

So stay tuned for my video and discussion on travel photography.



11 Wonderful responses to “Ixtapa Mexico: Travel Photography”

  • Donna Turner Ruhlman

    Thanks guys—I’m able to work on that video now that the laundry is under control. I’d like to answer any questions anyone has, if I can, about travel photography—so if you have one, post it here.

  • beth aka confusedhomemaker

    I’m looking forward to learning more & seeing the pictures–I’ve been reading for a while (my Husband & I both enjoy cooking together) & the pictures are really inspiring (as is the actual food!).

  • caroline

    Why does it seem like everyone waited until after I returned from my vacation to talk about travel photography ? Well, I’m looking forward to reading your tips regardless.

  • Fran

    Can’t wait to see your photos and what I’m sure will be awesome Animoto video(s). Careful … once you get started with Animoto, you’re sure to be addicted. I now have 41 full length videos up there. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. I have a bit of a compulsive — or is it obsessive — or … maybe both … personality. When I find something I love (like food) I can’t stop! Thank God I don’t like alcohol! 🙂

    p.s. Did you guys have a steer outside the window of your room at the lovely Ramada Inn that night? I put up a photo of the guy in my most recent post. He was LOUD and right outside my window! haha

  • sugar plum

    A Fantastic site u have here-beats me what took me so long to follow that i miss not any of ur beautiful posts here.
    Amazing photography….will lokk foward to more.
    Jus got my first digi cam(a basic point and shoot) less than a month back and yeah am eager beaver for any tips coming my way.

  • Tamara

    Zihuatanejo is so under appreciated. So charming and the people are so gracious! Nothing like the rest of Mexican resort towns, it still has so much authenticity! Sunday nights at the town square (a basketball court) are fabulous with all of the locals coming out to sing, dance and perform. Really a magical place that many people never get to see. Love the market and love your blog!

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Donna Turner Ruhlman

    I’m so disappointed—I have my animoto video made and can’t get it up on my WP page. I’ll have it up tomorrow for sure.

  • Bruce Robbins

    Sitting here in dark and dreary Scotland, some pics of spicy, hot Mexico are just what I need to cheer me up! Looking forward to them.