White Onion sliced_2

I remember so vividly the answer a photography instructor gave when asked, “What lighting did you use?”, because the answer was, no pun intended, enlightening. “Look at the shadows, and if it’s a person, look also in the reflection in their eyes.” You can obviously see exactly where my  light was for this photo because of the shadow. You can tell there’s only one because of the dramatic shadow and how dark it is everywhere else. And, you can tell that this light was not diffused, such as using a soft box, because of how strong it is. I used one Dyna-lite strobe head with a spot grid. If there had been more available light, or another softer light added—the knife, fingers and droplets of juice would not have popped as much. And speaking of juice, and making your photos look juicy, I’ve learned that back lighting is essential. A light coming from behind the subject that is stronger then any other light falling on the subject. Here’s another example of that.


4 Wonderful responses to “Onions And Making Juicy Photos”

  • zoey4now

    donna, you know i can actually see the onion juice…btw do you think hubby look’s a tad ghoulish in the sepia (?) colored pic? no offence meant…it’s just he’s much better looking in the old pic

  • DMT

    A cinematographer friend of mine swore by paper lanterns (a la Pier 1) – easy to set up and move accordingly. and the price is right.