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Strawberry Granola final_3
I took this photo today, but last June, Michael blogged about his Strawberry Banana Granola and these were the photos we used to illustrate how he makes it . . .

Granola X2 blog_2 The photo I took today was for someone who wants to put Michael's recipe on an app. They're promoting strawberries and our blog photos don't exactly say STRAWBERRIES! I'm talking about this photo now because I don't think Michael is going to blog about granola again—at least not strawberry-banana granola—and I like it. I used my strobe lights with 3 heads. One in back with a spot grid, a soft box in front to the right and another small fill to the left. Almost exactly the same as the last Lilac Jelly photo, which can be bad if all your photos start looking exactly alike. Flashed at 60th of sec @f 16. Composed tight to get info in a small format. If you need a photo—remember we are sending free medium res. files of any photo on for your internet needs. Shoot on.


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  • Natalie Sztern

    An App!!! do apps go on blackberries – I mean blackberry’s too? seriously..or just the iphone? who could resist, i own a blackberry…

  • Donna

    According to Michael, there are a few app stores out there, iPhone having the largest selection, and depending on the app, yes— they are available for blackberries.
    On Oct 8, 2009, at 3:33 PM, wrote:

  • Kalyn

    A recipe from my blog is also going to be on the App for strawberry recipes. Now if only Donna could come and shoot a photo for me too?

  • mel

    not really on topic here but….

    if you have tomato plants be sure to harvest a bunch of greens off the tops of some of your tomatoes and freeze them in water for later use in photos that have tomatoes in the background. you can do the same for strawberries if you have fresh good looking tops.