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Pea Pods

This photo of Lima beans is my favorite from last weeks farmer's market haul shoot. I too am looking forward to going tomorrow—especially if it stops raining. I'll take some there, but I really look forward to shooting our treasures at home using strobe lights. I noticed that some of my photos from this last shoot, where I used a tripod outside under dark cloudy skies, have a slight camera shake. I don't like not knowing when this is happening—so I'm thinking of not doing long exposures anymore. I really like super sharpness in at least one place in my photos and I don't want to chance it anymore. Here's another fav. I never get tired of looking at eggs.

White egg


5 Wonderful responses to “Farmer’s Market Photos/Lima Beans & Eggs”

  • Natalie Sztern

    Freud would have a great time with you and the egg pictures…my head is completely wrapped around food today but my first thought looking at this, was perfectly formed breasts and a lot of cleavage…wonderfully lustful picture.

  • Donna

    Natalie —I didn’t see that at all, but I’ve observed that the eye finds roundness a pleasure in images. When I was working on a series of leaf photos —I came to the conclusion that the most successful images had something round or a series of curves in them. I think the eye travels more through an image then when there are only straight lines.
    On Oct 9, 2009, at 7:17 PM, wrote:

  • Natalie Sztern

    i think you hit it right…the eye likes a natural curve, there is something uniquely comforting in such images – images with rounded sides in anything is much more inviting and thrusts comfort. with roundedness the eye stays in those confines – you are right in that straight lines leads the eye out of the image…

    photography is also dependent on psychology – a new realization for me. Because the image I described was not necessarily centered on perverse but more pleasure

  • Michael Franco

    From my perspective, the egg represents life, something we all can relate to. Eggs are comforting to eat, and in this photograph are life affirming.

    Donna, once again, has captured the essence of the image, in this case the egg – or life. There is so much more to this photograph that meets the eye.

    Simply beautiful, Donna!