Help end the 8-year fiasco with a resounding vote for Barack Obama.

While we don’t know much about where the candidates stand on food issues, nicely pointed out here by Jeff Houck of the Tampa Tribune, we do know that Obama’s stances on all important issues, including his not raising taxes on the vast majority of Americans, are indeed intended to reverse the appalling course set by the Bush administration.  Here is the NYTimes editorial page endorsement of Obama, or better, read Thomas Friedman’s commentary today that endorses neither candidate but instead asks voters to consider the qualities we want in our president.

PS: Just been informed by a reader that the excellent jason kottke has linked to a Joe Klein interview in which Obama mentions the Pollan article.


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  • Rhonda

    O CRAP.

    I guess I have to address this or it will get out of control. Yes, for all intrinsic purposes, at this time, I am Canadian.

    Thanks for “Outing” me. You should know that I was born in Canada and shortly thereafter lived all over the world (including the US) and now, I happen to find myself back in Canada. Am I Canadian? I don’t know and subsequently posted question marks after my last post. I have been lucky and privileged enough to live and relate to almost any person or culture on this planet. In fact, I defy you to come up with something that I cannot find in common with you.

    Is that not what a Canadian is, after all?

    Yes, I pulled our (Canadian) politeness card because although this election will affect us greatly, we do not have a direct say in it.

    I think we were inconsiderate and insensitive to the extremity of the situation by airing the Comedians rant, even though it may be funny.

  • Joanie

    faustianbargain – time as a POW does NOT give someone experience to govern. I was just using that comparison to show how little time Obama has spent in the Senate. Less time than McCain spent as a POW.

    Jaxi, how can there be quality of performance when there has been so little TIME gaining experience? Obama has done nothing. No one can point to any of his accomplishments in the Senate because he has none. He has NO track record.

  • Marlene

    I happen to be Canadian as well, and I am glad to know I am not the only one appalled at our comedians.

    It’s interesting to watch Americans sometimes. You who are so passionate about free speech and the right not only to you opinions, but the right to voice them where ever and whenever you want.

    But let someone post something on a blog that you disagree with, and suddenly, it’s all over? You’re not going to read, contribute, play anymore?

    Personally, I can only imagine what the billons of dollars raised in this two year election process could have done to feed the poor in your country, or help towards education or healthcare.

  • Marlene

    For those who would say they would not buy Michael’s books because they disagree with a blog post, I say, by all means, cut off your nose to spite your face. You will miss books to come yet, from a gifted writer, knowledgable and passionate about food and cooking.

    So be it, your loss. I am sorry that you will miss out on this.

    I was, I admit, somewhat surprised to see such a post on Michael’s blog, which is predominately about food, but it is his blog.

    We recently had an election here in Canada, where we didnt’really have much of a choice, and frankly, I don’t envy Americans their choices tomorrow.

    At the end of the day, as a friend of mine on facebook wrote, “tomorrow, half of the country will be disappointed. Let’s all try to remain civil”.

    Thank you Michael, given the stresses you’ve been under lately, for continuing to try to come here and share your thoughts with people.

  • Kelly

    Please, please, go to the polls tomorrow, if you haven’t already, and vote for Obama. Michael, you still have all of your fans here in the upper left of the U.S.! We love you in our little blue bubble of Seattle.

  • faustianbargain

    redredsteve: so what? why does it matter to you if women have consecutive abortions? an abortion is an abortion is an abortion. it happens because the potential child is not wanted. it is as simple as that.

    the woman does not want to carry a fetus for nine months and be burdened with the responsibility of raising a young person. why is that so wrong?

    if abstinence worked, there wouldnt be so many pregnant teens in this country. it doesnt help that sex education is considered scandalous. if this country was like saudi arabia, then perhaps abstinence would work. a permissive society that allows teens and pre teens to date should not be preaching abstinence.

    re the fetus/child thing..i am not going to thrash it here(and now), but as long as a fetus acts like a parasite(its not a deragatory term..i just cant think of another word to fit the description of a being that cannot survive on its own and feeds off the host biologically) and lives off the mothers’ resources, it has no rights. thats where i stand. unless i am growing a baby in a vat that resides in your pantry instead of inside my body, i get to choose what to do with my physical real estate.

  • MessyONE


    It sounds like Rhonda’s Canadian – I’m pretty sure she is, anyway. I suspect her objection was the timing of the broadcast – just a couple of days before the vote and all. Still, when better to do it? Palin was screamingly funny. It was almost like the comedian was the straight man in the scenario fercryinoutloud!

    I see the “discussion” has degenerated to abortion, general spouting off and pouting. Too bad. I run into so many Americans who take everything seriously that they take offense at everything. That’s gotta get boring after awhile, don’t you think?

  • bob

    Oh crap… and here I thought there would be some places I could get away from this election crap.

    well… it does have TONS to do with gastronomy – not.

    Good job. Removed from my favorites and killed links to your blog on all my web pages – dingus.

    I read this to get perspectives on cooking… not politics. YOU FAIL.

  • Rhonda

    I just checked in with this Blog and am very disturbed by the comments.

    There seems to be some people who are finding their way to this Blog for the first time and the discussion happens to be political. They, apparently, are not happy by this.

    99.99% of the time, the topic is on gastronomy. However, there is an election taking place tomorrow that will set the climate for the US and the world economic system. Everyone is watching. We, as a group, regularily discuss food and politics. What happens tomorrow has bearing on the future — for everyone — worldwide. This is BIG!

    For Michael to discount the Elephant in the living room (no, I am not referring to a particular political party) would be to disrespect his readership. It is on all of our minds.

    Bob, please check back in a week or so when the smoke has cleared. You will learn many wonderful things, not only from Michael, but from the Master Chefs who also follow and contribute to this Blog.

    Your timing is unfortunate. Please give our group another try later on.

  • cherylk

    RedRedSteve ~ let’s find our common ground, we both love our country, we both love the fact that we can disagree so openly and I applaud your civility. We know we both love food or we wouldn’t have found this blog, so we agree to disagree, may the best man win in tomorrow’s election and peace to you and yours.

  • Connor

    As always, the back-and-forth here is interesting.

    I respect Michael’s point of view — and respect it regardless of who he’s voting for tomorrow.

    I guess what didn’t sit the best with me is that he’s telling ME (and his other readers) how to vote. That’s very different than telling someone whom you’re voting for and why. To me, this post wasn’t as thoughtful or carefully framed as it could have been, especially given that Ruhlman is venturing into uncharted territory here. And that’s something I typically love about Ruhlman’s writing — it’s thoughtful and engaging.

    Anyways, no harm done — just bring on the food posts pronto! Many of us need some distraction from politics, especially those of us living inside the Beltway.

  • Mark

    Oh Mr. Ruhlman. My condolences on the loss/alienation of so many “loyal readers”, though I found most of the parting shots a bit weak for my taste. “Have a nice life”? Come on, people…you guys sound like my dad. Oh, right: you’re McCain voters. Regardless, see if you can come up with something remotely 21st century if you’re going to be mean.

    Obama 08

  • Chris Walker Versus

    I didn’t vote for Obama and I still enjoy Ruhlman’s books and blog. Having a difference in opinion – especially considering something like politics – shouldn’t alienate readers. I pity those who are so close-minded.

  • jscirish27

    If nothing else this thread has been educational as to what is wrong with this country: we divide ourselves along the lines of our differences; the haves versus have nots; republicans versus democrats; liberals versus conservatives; caucasians versus non-caucasians; instead of embracing our similarities and common good. It is sad. Maybe we should sit down with people and have dinner more often, sharing life instead of living in our angry solipsistic Ipod/digital/sound-byte worlds. I think something went dreadfully wrong when we stopped having dinner together.

  • Kate in the NW

    “Stick to food, not politics?” Food IS politics. Did no one else watch the Chautauqua thing?

    Has no one read the first amendment?

    And what of civic responsibility – we don’t have the luxury of silence. Too much rides on what happens tomorrow. If voter turnout is 85% as predicted, this could usher in a new age of participitory democracy. Wouldn’t THAT be nice? Something to be grateful for no matter who endorses whom or how things turn out. [closes eyes, crosses fingers, chants “Obama, Obama, Obama…”]

    As for those who say “you can cook, you can tell me for whom I’m to cast my vote? I don’t think so. Keep it in the kitchen – not the voting booth.”
    Gee – where have I heard that before? Oh yeah – it was said to anyone who openly supported the 19th Amendment. If you substitute “work” for “cook and “fields” for “kitchen”, it was said a generation or two before that to anyone who openly supported the 15th Amendment. Apparently by people who failed to read the 1st Amendment (see above).

    I also find it interesting that the commenters most critical of your topic here are the ones who have most readily become political themselves in past posts.

    I applaud not only your choice of candidates, but also your willingness to stick your neck out and make this statement, which stands by everything else you’ve written, as far as I can tell.

  • J

    anyone find it ironic that people in this thread feel the need to express thier opinion when the opinion they are expressing is “keep your opinion to yourself” ?

    Thanks for saying something Rhuls(so glad I agree with you)I will now go purchase the books of yours I do not own at a drastically reduced price on Amazon today!

  • milo

    Assuming abortion is mainly used as a form of birth control, then wouldn’t the logical conclusion for someone unhappy with that be to encourage women to use OTHER forms of birth control, thus reducing the number of abortions?

  • Greely


    One of the greatest things we have in the United States is Freedom of Speech. We also have the freedom to disagree with each other. I don’t think that when we do disagree with each other we should start name-calling.

    Obama is not the best candidate for office. I would also agree that McCain isn’t either. It’s basically the lessor of two evils.

    Both are lacking in certain decisive area’s that make a good President. The fact that you put up the link to Thomas Friedman’s article says you appreciate there is neutral side and I admire you for that.

    However, I have issue’s with a candidate who accepted earmarks and then said he would do so no longer. Yet, his running mate (Biden) has approximately 330 million dollars of earmarks for his state in FY 09.

    Obama also said a year or two ago, he didn’t have the experience to be President. Also, when he said he was running for office, he would only use government funds to run. How quickly that changed.

    Obama also has an aunt in the United States illegally. She lost her request for asylum in 2005 and is living in public housing in South Boston.

    Biden slammed Obama during the primaries saying he doesn’t have the experience but now thinks he’s able to be President. He also said on October 19th that during the first six months Obama would be tested with a major international crisis and the decision made might not be the best one. Think this is wrong?

    Fact, when Kennedy was thought to be weak and inexperienced, he was tested by the Russians with the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Berlin Wall. He also made wrong decisions with the Bay of Pigs invasion.

    Fact, when Reagan who the Iranians thought was a cowboy became President, they released the hostages because they were worried about what he would do.

    Fact, the first month in office, Clinton had the first World Trade Center bombing.
    (Sidebar Fact; Clinton signed NAFTA into law which started the outsourcing trend as well as signed the deregulation of the financial industry back in 1999.)

    Fact, 9 months into office, George W. Bush had the second World Trade Center incident which was planned during the Clinton Presidency. Bush had pretty high approval ratings but tanked them. Only time will determine if his decision to go into Iraq was the right one or not.

    Personally, as a military veteran of almost 13 years service, I think it was. The planning and manpower was not done correctly but the decision to invade (faulty intelligence withstanding) was the correct one.

    What are some of the upsides to this? Qaddafi in Libya stopped being a problem. The 10 years of Hussein thumbing his nose at the United Nations and the US about inspections and the no-fly zone are over. The people have more freedom and rights than the did.

    Before anybody says the negative, loss of life for our military servicemembers, I agree. I work at a VA Hospital and encounter veteran’s from all era’s on a daily basis. I too am also a veteran as well and served during the first Gulf War.

    History needs to be studied. History shows that Democrats cut the military. The problem with that is after every military downsizing, there is almost always some type of crisis or war where our military has to be brought back up to strength.

    Sadly, the old phrase, “Soldier’s and dogs keep off the grass” comes to mind.

    After World War I, the military downsized and about 23 years went by and then World War II. We built the military up during WWII only to downsize it after the war and five years later came the Korean war. The US built back up and then again downsized afterwards. In 1965, we deployed combat units to Vietnam though advisor’s had been in that country for year’s already. After Vietnam ended in 1975, the military was downsized again and was not built up until Reagan became President. This increase in US military strength is part of what helped cause the downfall and collapse of the former Soviet Union.

    Before, you vote, take the time to look. Don’t just vote because you’ve always voted Democrat or Republican. Vote for the best person for the job. Examine the history of each candidate and see if they have been consistent on issue’s all of the time. Have they changed their mind on anything substantial and why did they change it?

    It’s funny how watching old reruns of The West Wing, that some of the issues in the debate between Santos (Smits) and Vinnick
    (Alda) are still here today. Also, that during the fictional deploying of troops to Kazakstan, President Bartlett (Sheen) tells the two candidates he doesn’t have an exit strategy so they better start thinking.

    History can be considered dull and boring for some. Yet, history can also help give us the answers to the future by helping us avoid the mistakes of the past.

    Vote. Vote for the best person. Vote for the one will make a difference in the future and who has the experience and wisdom to lead us into a better future.

    “No hope for those who fear”

  • redredsteve

    And so we reach where this discussion always adjourns… rape, incest, etc. If these were the only instances that we would consider abortion to be a medical practice we would be having a very different conversation. We would talk about social ills, sexual education, abstinence, abolition of pornography, I could go on… The fact is, however, that abortion is most often used as a form of birth control and most women who get abortions are not in such a situation as you discribe. In fact, most women getting abortions have had one before.

    I’m a little confused about your opinion of the fetus/child definition. If a fetus becomes a child at birth, barring medical issues or what have you, then couldn’t you say the same of a young child with a medical condition that would prevent them from further developing into adulthood? Would be alright to kill that child should his/her existence burdent the parent/s? It’s a level of development. Are there people who are alive but do not have (or will ever have) mental or physical capacities or developments that would cause you to not consider them human and deserving to live?

  • Natalie Sztern

    MessyOne are u saying Rhonda is Canadian?

    And she couldn’t find that audio tape funny?

    Sarah was so excited to talk with President Sarkozy that the Vice-Presidential Candidate
    lost all her conscious intelligence and became a blubbering idiot – I mean, even the republican believers have to see it…..

  • faustianbargain

    redredsteve, i understand your discomfort in discussing such a sensitive issue. put aside any notion that you’ll be offending me because i want to hear your pov too.

    i believe that a fetus is not a child. a fetus is a ‘viable life’. a fetus may or may not become a child even if it is carried to full term is there are medical issues.

    * if i had been raped and didnt want to have a rapist’ child, should i be asked to raise a child of rape?

    * if i am carrying a child of incest, should i be burdened with the responsibility of raising a child that will be my son who might also be my nephew…maybe a daughter who is also my sister?

    * if i am physically abused by my husband/boyfriend, should i bring a child into this world where he/she will too be subjected to abuse?

    * if i cant afford to raise my child, can i sleep well knowing that the state will take care of us?

    * if i am a drug abuser, should i have a crack baby?

    i am putting *myself* in each of the examples because i want you to know that it IS personal for millions of women who are pro-choice.

    sarah palin and her daughter are pro-choice too. they exercised their right to have a down’s syndrome baby and what would be a teen pregnancy because this country supports their rights. but sarah palin wants to take away MY(or any one else’s) right to not have a challenged baby or a child of rape.

  • redredsteve

    faustian bargain

    I agree, it’s your body and do with it what you will. So long as it only affects you, I’m with you, it’s your choice. I believe that in the case of abortion that it isn’t only your body, however.

    Oh so sticky a topic, and I’m not trying to offend anyone or disregard your beliefs. The way I see it is if a woman isn’t allowed to harm her children AFTER birth then why should she be allowed to before? It comes down to a discussion of embryonic developement, fetuses, etc. But if you believe the child in the womb to be exactly that – a child (homo sapien) then I don’t see the validity of a pro-choice stance.

  • faustianbargain

    on a completely different note, is also running an ad on the front page asking us to ‘protect traditional marriage’ by ‘voting yes on prop 8’…which,btw, i think is wrong and unfair. prop 8 will be voted in california and am wondering why ruhlman from ohio cares…


  • Rhonda

    Thanks MessyONE.

    I know. My Canadian humour (notice the “u” & RICK MERCER IS A GOD), is lacking at this time. Perhaps I will find this funny next week. Perhaps, not.

    I just felt it was bad timing on our part. I also do not think that it is in good form to pick on retarded people. Ok, THAT was funny!

    All the best,


  • Lisa

    Thanks for reminding everyone to vote!

    I voted early, about 2 weeks ago, for Mr. Obama, and I am glad to say that I finally got my non-voting husband to register and actually vote this year, too. Politicians are not all the same, and elections do matter.

  • sean

    To all of you who have been impugned by ruhlman’s endorsement, please remember that our government is representative and that it is all of our duties to be aware and to be made aware of our obligation. To claim ruhlman should not have made this post is preposterous.

  • milo

    “If it’s wrong then it’s wrong for everyone, no matter the circumstance.”

    That’s your position, many people simply don’t agree. It’s one thing to disagree with people, it’s another to dismiss their views as “not a stance”.

    Personally, I feel it’s an option that shouldn’t be taken lightly, but it’s an option that should be available, particularly in cases of rape, incest, and the life and health of the mother. I think Obama has a much more nuanced take than you usually find in politics, which I find refreshing.

    It seems odd to me that opposing choice is supposedly the “conservative” position when it’s the side of the issue that has the government meddling and invading people’s privacy. Same goes for gay marriage.

    I guess “smaller government” is only applied where it’s convenient.

  • MessyONE

    Rhonda, Rhonda, Rhonda……

    I see you’ve lost your Canadian sense of humor. For those that don’t know what she’s talking about, a Montreal-based comedian made a telephone call to Sarah Palin yesterday (?) and convinced her that he was Nicolas Sarkoczy (sp?).

    She bought it. She bought it so fully that he had her convinced they needed to go rabbit hunting together, that she was a stylish darling (leading to her making comments about Ms. Bruni that could be taken as either envious or catty), and that she would make a great President. She swallowed it all, for a good five minutes.

    In fact, as the comments he made got more and more absurd, she kept on believing every word he said. He finally had to TELL HER who he was and what he was doing. After that, an aide took the phone and hung up on him with no further comment.

    It was hilarious and disturbing at the same time. Hilarious because, well, if you don’t get it, I can’t explain it. Disturbing not only because she accepted every absurdity at face value, but because both she and her aide were completely unable to see the humor in the situation.

    This particular comedy troupe has been doing things like this for years. They are never rude, they never get nasty and when the target of their phone call gets the joke, no one finds it too upsetting. Then again…..they don’t usually have to be told that they’re being pranked.

  • Tom

    I respect your right to voice your opinion as you see fit, but given that this election cycle has basically been going on for the last four years, I (and more than a few other Americans) are just a skosh burnt out on it. Unless Barry has a revolutionary new recipe, please stick to food.

  • Natalie Sztern

    Copy and paste so everyone can hear the conversation….what you have to listen for is when he speaks in french it is a mumble and his english accent is not parisian, it is a slang Quebecois…he tells her he wants to go helicopter shooting so they can kill ‘les babies phoques’ pronounced baby fucks which are baby seals but she doesn’t ask one question of him….maybe you have to be french canadian…listen to how he describes making love to his wife on the phone!!!


  • faustianbargain

    to be pro-choice is to say that one respects a woman enough to let her take care of her uterus and all that it may or may not want to hold.

    as a woman, i am appalled that anyone would tell me what i should or should not do with my body.

    my body, my choice.

    its a stance.

  • redredsteve


    You know, the more I post in this forum I have to admit I’m changing my mind about the post itself. I guess I shouldn’t be upset about it being where it is and honestly, if it were an endorsement for McCain I would likely be commending Ruhlman, like so many of the Obama supporters here are doing. My earlier posts were, I suppose, a knee-jerk reaction. I was just taken off guard.

    About your other comments… hmm… Well, yes. I do know some Muslims and have wonderful conversations with them about many things. You’re right, most Muslims are not extreme and believe 9/11 to be a tragedy. Ahmadinejad is not one such Muslim. You want to talk about preaching hate, read his addresses on the West.

    Abortion… again, hmm… hard to discuss in this format, and perhaps not entirely appropriate. It has always been the deal breaker for so many voters, though, including myself. My opinion? To be pro-choice is not a stance, it’s a side step. If it’s wrong then it’s wrong for everyone, no matter the circumstance. If it’s right, then it’s right. Obama is playing both sides and tempting both political parties with his stance on the issue. I’d rather have a little backbone.

  • ruhlman

    I’m surprised by the number of comments. I am not surprised by the passion of them nor, generally, by the quality of the language. What writer isn’t grateful to have passionate articulate readers? I’m glad for every comment. Blogs are still in an awkward experimental stage. These comments help me to understand what they mean to people. Thank you all who have commented.

  • outofwork

    thank you, Michael. Please no matter what side of the fence you are on, vote. (though if you’re on the Obama side, there are cookies)
    been unemployed since June, business went under, things have got to be better…

  • Jon

    Connor… neither major party candidate is a libertarian. Obama is far too much of a big-government guy, reaching for a new program to fix anything that ails the country. McCain seems likely to keep up with the current administration’s policies of cutting freedoms in exchange for the feeling of security, and ignoring human rights when convenient.

    Libertarians need to weigh what’s important to them, and vote accordingly. Some, like Andrew Sullivan, will undoubtedly fall in the Obama camp.

  • cherylk

    Red Red Steve wrote:
    I’ll take them all to protect unborn children. Want to chit chat with an extremist and radical gov’t who hold religious beliefs that teach them that if they kill Americans they will get to heavan? Sure, many things are wrong and it’s always easy (and often accurate) to blame the current leader, but I fear for America if/when Obama is elected.

    Steve, it makes me sad that you would, like so many others, assume that pro-choice means pro-abortion, it doesn’t. It means the right to choose, period. Your comment about countries and religions is also lumping all people into one category. Do you know any Muslims? I know quite a few and each of them are peaceful people as torn up about 9/11 as anyone. Just like any religion, there are extremeist factions and if you don’t think those exist in the good old US of A, try listening to AM radio. Rod Parsley and John Hagee preach hatred from their pulpits all the while living lavishly and taking every tax exemption the government will give them. Perhaps this isn’t the perfect venue for the discussion, but like the other voices here, I applaud Michael for putting it out there. You don’t want to read it, click it off, it’s free country, for the moment.

  • diego

    I would have to say that I am a bit saddened by the anger in these comments. We all have our political views and biases but there is There is no need to harass Michael about this post. This is HIS blog that he takes the time out of his busy life to write for YOU. It’s kind of silly that some of you are so angry about a simple political endorsement.
    Frankly, a simple I disagree would suffice. We all obviously have some common ground and are a small section of the population and It’s just silly that there would be all this animosity between a group of people that is usually so tight nit

  • Scotty Harris

    This will be the ninth Presidential I have been eligible to vote, and this will be the third time I have been able to take my daughters (now 8 and 9.5) with me. My winning record is slim – only twice in the past 32 years. I am the proudest I have ever been to cast my vote this year. It will be for Barack Obama. He brings a fresh new voice to a Country that desperately needs one. To understand that we have, as one of the two people in contest for the highest office in the land, a man who could have been held as property under the first sixteen Presidents makes me prouder than ever to be an American.
    Yes, this is Michael’s blog and he can write on any topic he chooses. However, those of you who who would limit him to discussions of food miss the point. Read “House” or “Wooden Boats” or “Walk on Water. He fills all with a meticulous, studied intelligence, which makes his food writing all the more to be considered.
    Agree or disagree with his choice, be sure it was well-considered.
    Here endeth the lesson.

  • Connor

    I, too, was surprised when I saw your post, not so much because you posted it, but because you called youself a libertarian awhile back. And even though I don’t know many libertarians, I suspect not many of them are voting for Obama!

  • EC

    It takes a lot of courage to dip your toes in the political waters these days. I admire that you did. Oh yeah, and I look forward to casting my vote for history and return to rational thought in Washington tomorrow.

    Obama 08!

  • redredsteve

    Again, I know who’s site this is and he is entitled it to use it how he wishes… I just found it disappointing because of how down my throat it was. Yes, I can choose not to read it but I came to a blog that I frequent because of it’s usual train of topics related to food. Today, I read in big letters someone telling me to vote for Obama. Yes, there are huge connections between food and politics (or anything/everything, for that matter) but that wasn’t what was posted. Instead, what was posted is a simple, straight-forward, down my throat personal political opinion, without any real attempt to tie it to anything I would normally expect to find here. That’s all I’m saying.

    It’s like I had a friend who’s house I went to once a week for dinner and conversation. Although we’ve disagreed on things in the past, we’ve always had a great time and enjoyed our talks. Then, one night, I head over like I have so many times in the past and upon entering I get hit in the face with a blatant and unexpected statement that my host new would cause some upset. It isn’t presented in a way to open discussion.

    And here’s the real kicker: I express that I am disappointed in the way my host has presented his opinion and the response I get is to leave the house if I don’t like it and that I shouldn’t have come in the first place. What happened to the host/friends and the free, open, and respectful discussions we once had?

  • faustianbargain

    edited to add: mixed economy BY DEFINITION means that it incorporates aspects of both capitalism AND socialism.

    seriously…what does it mean…’its an euphemism” and that ‘we already have socialism’? i used to teach kids about this and you burns old are you? 5?

    (ntsc said)Yes, Illinois tends to send inexperienced lawyers to Washington.

    They did that once and got a guy with no experience in the White House and the fool freed the slaves. And he was a Republican too.(end quote)

    what a beautiful coincidence that both lincoln(my favourite american president after jefferson) and obama are from Illinois…lincoln wanted to send the freed slaves back to africa and obama is half african. it is destiny!

  • JBL

    At the risk of wagering a Faustian Bargain with faustianbargain..on second thought..nevermind (something about casting pearls to swine).

  • dan s.

    @ So Disappointed

    You do not speak for everyone. I was first made aware of this site because of Mr. Ruhlman’s other written works, Walk on Water, to be specific. I come to this site to hear his views/opinions. Whether they pertain to cooking, agriculture, politics, his family, whatever. I enjoy his writing. If you do not approve of his endorsement, then when you saw the header you should have just closed out of the site and come back another day.

  • Charlotte

    Geez oh Pete people — it’s Ruhlman’s blog — he can write about anything he pleases. So he endorsed someone that some of you don’t like — it’s still his sandbox and he can do whatever he likes in it.

  • JustMike

    Why the political endorsement? We did not need to hear YOU weigh in on things political. I read your books and blog because you are a good food writer and relatively entertaining. You have zero credibility in politics and government but I wasn’t asking for that, I read you for things food. Now that you have entered the fray I would guess I will not be jumping to buy your books (often pre-ordered in advance) not because of your politics, but because you presumed that your endorsement meant something to your readers… Sadly an egotistical overreach.


  • Rhonda

    Hi Natalie.

    I am Canadian(?) as well, and I was disappointed by the Montreal DJ’s “pranking” of Sarah Palin. I personally, think she is a F*%$ing DISASTER but that doesn’t excuse bad behaviour on our part.

    This is history in the making and having Canadians in the press this way is not cool.

  • faustianbargain

    oh dear…’mixed economy’ is an euphemism?

    [begin cut and paste]
    Modern U.S. economy

    The U.S. is considered a mixed economy. Some examples of this include:

    * People can own their own businesses, but political leaders make policies concerning these.

    * The government controls the mail system.

    * The government controls most of the road networks.

    * Waste collection and treatment are usually provided as a service by the local government.

    * The government has a virtual monopoly on the provision of policing.

    * Intercity passenger rail (Amtrak) is a nationalized industry, as are almost all local trains.

    * All American airports are government operated but all American airlines are private.

    * The government tells manufacturers what to make if something is in need during war time.

    * The FDA bans certain drugs.

    * The government has created a minimum wage law.

    * The government provides social welfare payments to some citizens.

    * The majority of pre-college education is government-provided and a large part of tertiary education is run by state governments.

    [end cut and paste]

    if you’d spout your ‘knowledge’ to any other civic minded/educated person from *any* part of the world(except america), they’d laugh on your face and roll over giggling.

    also, i’d like to know what it is that bails out wall street millionaires with the common man’s money? please..i’d seriously fucking like to know.

  • szg


    Thank you.

    Thank you for caring enough about your country to promote your choice for President.

    Not everyone will agree with you. That’s ok.

    Some have even taken offense that you not only have an opinion, but that you actually wrote about it.

    They are wrong. The only way out of our current mess is if more people engage in the political process, regardless of what they believe. That process does not end on election day. In many ways, election day is only the beginning.

    Michael Pollan has already started the post election discussion on what he believes needs to get done. I am sure many others in the food world have thoughts as well. Developing those ideas into a cohesive agenda is the next step to bringing about real change.

    Since its inception, your blog has provided information on not only how to be a better cook, but has helped me become more informed on food issues of all kinds — many of which have political ramifications. The fact that some of your readers have never made that connection is a sad commentary on the state of our union and its citizens.

  • Michael

    I’ve been waiting for your book Reach of a Chef to arrive via mail. You’ve taken the joy out of waiting to read the book. Don’t we get enough bipartisan bickering through normal media channels?

    Although you are entitled to your own opinion on politics, and it is YOUR blog — as with so many other readers of your material I tune in to your website and read your books for your insights on cooking, not politics.

    I’m disappointed, and I am sure you risk loosing readers because of your willingness to alienate readers who don’t share your views.

  • milo

    It really surprises me that people haven’t figured out that if Ruhlman (or anyone else) makes a blog post that you’re not interested in, you can choose not to read it.

    It’s really not that hard – it’s obvious from the post that it’s not about food, so if you don’t want to read off-topic posts, just don’t read them. It’s also fishy to see responses saying he’s going to lose his readers coming from usernames that have never responded to his blog before.

  • doxie mama

    I come to this site to learn about food and escape the partisan b.s. and less than civil discourse that seems to have taken over our country lately. Through my lurking it seems that the posters here are an intelligent and informed group. Consequently, there will be differing views. Let’s just agree to disagree and get back to the reason we all come here – well prepared, thoughtful food.

    BTW, I did.

  • So Disappointed

    You are obviously entitled to your opinion, and to hang any yard sign you want.

    It’s not in your interest, however, just to reach out and alienate and insult a substantial portion of your readership.

    If you want to say something controversial on food or cooking, go for it. That’s what people come here for. But nobody — and I mean nobody — comes here for politics (or toy boats or boys schools, which last I checked, aren’t particularly hot button issues.)

  • Natalie Sztern

    Yesterday a Montreal radio station got hold of Palin, actually was able to reach her (?) and pulled a prank that had all of the city laughing not with her but AT her.

    That says it all. OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA

  • JBL

    We already have socialism in this country (“mixed economy” is only a euphemism).

    And now partisan politics:

    “McCain promises to “respect the collective will of our democratic allies,” as if America has no moral right to defend her citizens according to her own best judgment; and he promises to finish the “mission” of making Iraq “a functioning democracy” even if it takes “one hundred years,” as if the U.S. government has a moral or constitutional right to sacrifice American soldiers to spread democracy abroad.1

    Obama promises to uphold the idea that “America’s larger purpose in the world is to promote the spread of freedom. . . . dignity, and opportunity,” as if we have a moral responsibility to minister to the uncivilized and the unfortunate across the globe; and he promises to negotiate with jihadists who chant “Death to America,” as if Americans will be safe from these lunatics when the lunatics give Obama their word.2″

    — 2008 Presidential Elections: McBama vs. America
    by Craig Biddle

  • Kevin

    If Obama wins he’d better get something done in the first 100 days – a lot of promises with literally no track record to get things done. If McCain wins, he’ll be spending that first 100 days suppressing riots.

    You should stay out of politics. You just pissed off half of your audience. Have a nice life.

  • Jumada

    Thank you, Michael!

    Those of us who have been appalled by the last 8 years and are wanting change (and are enthusiastic Obama supporters) appreciate your voice.

    It should be considered patriotic of all Americans to inform fellow citizens how we think the country can be changed for the better, and who we feel would be the best person for the job. It doesn’t mean that everyone has to agree, but that’s what’s great about America – we can all have a voice.

  • milo

    “I’m not voting tomorrow, but come Wednesday we will see socialism in this country like never before. ”

    Why aren’t you voting? And even McCain himself has backed away from the whole “socialist” thing, he even admitted he doesn’t believe Obama is one. Obama is just proposing returning the top tax rate to what it was under Clinton. And from what I remember those eight years were a hell of a lot better than these past eight – opinions aside, just look at the economy stats.

  • Pavlov

    Well put Michael, and if you want to alienate some portion of your readers, BRAVO for you. You should have that right to dismiss logic, reason and possible book sales for the sake of a plug for the other “Big O” (although I see by the number of swooning suporters, they may be one in the same) you go Michael! Go stick it… your sign …uhh… in your… errr… lawn.

  • chefgaree

    Way to go Michael. For all of the responders who are telling you to stick to cooking, fooey on them. I got most of my pre-voting/politcal experience at my dinner table every night, listening to my parents discuss politics and current events. Food goes with everything! Talk on brother! Love your blog.

  • Tags

    If you want all food all the time, go to

    This is

    all Ruhlman, all the time.

    The man has written about wooden boats, boys schools, pediatric cardiac surgeons, and now

    2 days before the election

    he makes an endorsement.

    Get a clue or get a grip.

  • redredsteve

    I love this blog; hate this post.

    I come here because you have your thumb on the pulse of the culinary world. I love reading about trends, books, cooks, etc… I hate it when a personal political opinion (and yes, that’s all that it is) unexpectedly slaps me in the face. It’s not upsetting that you have a political opinion or that you express that on your site…

    I know it’s so you’re free to say what you want, but you also have the tag line that reads “Notes from food world” so how about starting another blog for posts like this? You said yourself, “While we don’t know much about where the candidates stand on food issues…”

    And finally, since you hit me with your opinion, here’s mine: higher taxes, further economic crises, etc.? I’ll take them all to protect unborn children. Other countries hate America? Americans hate America? That’s fine, but its no coincidence that we haven’t been attacked again since 9/11. Want to chit chat with an extremist and radical gov’t who hold religious beliefs that teach them that if they kill Americans they will get to heavan? Go for it, I’m sure a little sit down with Hitler would’ve worked too. Sure, many things are wrong and it’s always easy (and often accurate) to blame the current leader, but I fear for America if/when Obama is elected.

    Sorry Ruhlman, was just a bit disappointed that you would go this route with your blog.

  • Mark

    I’m not voting tomorrow, but come Wednesday we will see socialism in this country like never before. What Johnson did will pale in comparison to what will happen. Hard work will no longer be rewarded. Just think of these words, “we need to spread it around.” Scares the hell out of me.

  • Cameron S.

    Originally Posted by Fact check:
    Obama, Biden ‘creeping down’ on who gets tax cuts?

    The Facts
    Obama has said throughout the campaign that families making less than $250,000 a year will not see a tax increase. Those making less than $200,000 will get a tax cut, he says. “If you make less than a quarter of a million dollars a year, you will not see a single dime of your taxes go up,” Obama said during an October 7 presidential debate in Nashville, Tennessee. “If you make $200,000 a year or less, your taxes will go down.”

    The campaign ad McCain refers to, titled “Defining Moment,” does have a graphic appear on the screen that says, “Families making less than $200,000 get tax cut.” Obama says, “If you have a job, pay taxes and make less than $200,000 a year, you’ll get a tax cut,” which is, again, consistent with the plan he has laid out.

    Biden was speaking Monday, October 27, in an interview with WNEP in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He said, “(An) $87 billion tax break doesn’t need to go to people making an average of $1.4 million. It should go like it used to. It should go to middle class people — people making under $150,000 a year.” Biden never says that tax breaks should “only” go to such people. The Obama campaign says he was merely using that figure as an example and that the statement does not represent a change in policy.

    The Verdict: False. What McCain is doing here, in part, is comparing apples and oranges. He compares two different aspects of Obama’s tax plan as if they were the same. And Biden never said people making less than $150,000 are the “only” people who would get a tax cut under Obama’s policies.

  • Angela

    Thanks for putting yourself out there with an
    endorsement for Obama. For those that say, let’s just keep it to food, that’s silly. There’s no more political issue than food. Our ability to get the good food that we all love to eat, cook, and see Ruhlman blog about all depends upon a number of policies that are determined in Washington (i.e., Farm bill, climate change, energy policy, school food, etc).

    It’s going to be a tough road ahead, but let’s take the first step by voting for Obama tomorrow.

  • Micah Inchoate

    I like Blue! Go Blue! Wait. This is in Ohio. Woowee! McCain arms are too short. I’m voting for the long-Armed one. He of the shins.


  • Doodad

    Your site and your right Michael. But, I don’t care to mix politics with a purely social interaction of strangers. Too divisive and I do not allow it on my forums for many reasons.

    Take care and good luck to you.

  • ruhlman

    look folks, this is my lawn and if i want to stick an obama or a mccain sign in it, I’m going to. if you don’t agree, fine. don’t get mad at me because you disagree with my politics.

    this post resulted from an email from a reader asking why i was quiet on the issue. so i decided not to be.

    I’m not presuming to tell anyone that I know better than they whom they should vote for. It’s personal. And had it not been for the fiasco four years ago this month, I might have said nothing.

    so there it is. vote. pay attention. that’s all.

  • stephanie

    Bravo, Michael! I’m with you and voting Obama tomorrow.

    Everyone can have their own opinions, but make them count people. VOTE!

    Go O!!! :)

  • So Disappointed

    You are obviously entitled to your opinion, and it is your blog. But I can’t adequately express how disappointing and tiresome it is to have someone whose work I’ve enjoyed presume to tell the masses, including me, how to vote. And then you compounded it by responding on the tax issue — even though, just in the last week the Obama campaign and its surrogates have lowered the number drastically from $250,000. That’s not the point, though. The point is that you have no, zero, none, nada expertise on poltics and tax issues beyond anybody else’s; you are a fine and insightful food writer. That’s it, and that should have been good enough.

    Don’t forget: You — presumably — want my money, and so far you’ve gotten all of it that you can (since I own all of your books.) I don’t have any interest whatsoever in you as a political adviser or commentator, however, and I can choose to spend my money, and give my page views, elsewhere. It is evidently worth it to you to alienate, let’s suppose, the 45 percent of the populace who will support McCain and fear Obama; and it might be that your readership skews so far to the left that it won’t make any difference for you to be identified as a partisan. As I said, you are entitled to your opinions, just like I am, but everything that is true doesn’t need to be said on your blog. You don’t post movie or general book reviews, though you presumably have opinions about those, too. Your politics are equally relevant to this blog, which is to say, they’re irrelevant.

    So you have alienated me with your smug and shallow postings on politics. I expect you don’t care, but your own self-interest and neighborliness tells me that you should. I’ll finish where I started: It’s very disappointing and tiresome.

  • Pavlov

    I come here for the food portion of your blog Michael. You being super-rich and because of the success of your books and career over the last 8 years, I’m sure you won’t mind sending the middle class folks money directly over the next 4… or will the money have to go to the Politburo first Comrade? Let’s please get back to talking food.

  • So Disappointed

    You are obviously entitled to your opinion, and it is your blog. But I can’t adequately express how disappointing and tiresome it is to have someone whose work I’ve enjoyed presume to tell the masses, including me, how to vote. And then you compounded it by responding on the tax issue — even though, just in the last week the Obama campaign and its surrogates have lowered the number drastically from $250,000. That’s not the point, though. The point is that you have no, zero, none, nada expertise on poltics and tax issues beyond anybody else’s; you are a fine and insightful food writer. That’s it, and that should have been good enough.

    Don’t forget: You — presumably — want my money, and so far you’ve gotten all of it that you can (since I own all of your books.) I don’t have any interest whatsoever in you as a political adviser or commentator, however, and I can choose to spend my money, and give my page views, elsewhere. It is evidently worth it to you to alienate, let’s suppose, the 45 percent of the populace who will support McCain and fear Obama; and it might be that your readership skews so far to the left that it won’t make any difference for you to be identified as a partisan. As I said, you are entitled to your opinions, just like I am, but everything that is true doesn’t need to be said on your blog. You don’t post movie or general book reviews, though you presumably have opinions about those, too. Your politics are equally relevant to this blog, which is to say, they’re irrelevant.

    So you have alienated me with your smug and shallow postings on politics. I expect you don’t care, but your own self-interest and neighborliness tells me that you should. I’ll finish where I started: It’s very disappointing and tiresome.

  • ntsc

    Yes, Illinois tends to send inexperienced lawyers to Washington.

    They did that once and got a guy with no experience in the White House and the fool freed the slaves. And he was a Republican too.

    And Bush has stimulated the economy, the wrong direction to be certain, but it is certainly active.

    Today is the first Monday in over 40 years that I haven’t either been on strike or getting paid for the day. So much for ‘a rising tide’.

    On the good side however is that Saturday I picked up two whole fresh hams which once Thanksgiving is over and they get out of the bottom of the freezer will cure and hang. One for 6+ months, one for 18 (on the advice of Bob DelGrosso

  • latenac

    A lot of blogs I go to have recently been making pro-Obama posts or at least please go out and vote posts and the posts are then followed by a lot of republicans, a lot who never even post on the blog complaining about the blogger talking about politics. It’s amusing actually.

    But thank you for encouraging people to go out and vote. I wish Obama actually were a socialist or at least more of a socialist than McCain (hint both candidates support progressive taxes which McCain is now defining for Obama as “distributing the wealth” but doesn’t use that term to define his own very similar tax policy.) But I truly respect Obama who is curious, listens, reads, thinks of all sides of an issue and then makes a decision rather than someone who goes with the gut and never looks back. We’ve had 8 years of “The Decider” already we don’t need his doppleganger.

    On average lately less than 25% of the people eligible to vote determine who wins an election and personally I think any election that causes a bigger turn out regardless of who wins is a great thing. So go out and vote even if it’s for McCain, Obama, Bob Barr or Nader, if everyone voted the way they really felt and actually voted you would see change.

  • RB


    Stick to cooking issues, not politics. Your naked partisanship is best saved for friends, family and the voting booth. It does not belong in a food blog.

    Roland B.

  • milo

    Bravo, Michael. It’s your blog and you have the right to voice whatever opinions you want.

    I contributed to Obama and will be voting for him tomorrow. Frankly, I don’t buy the whole “lack of experience” thing since he has held political office about as long as Bush, Clinton, or even Lincoln for that matter did before they became president. And it makes zero sense to me that anyone obsessed with the whole experience thing would turn around and say that Palin has enough experience to take over if something happened to McCain.

    Obama is younger and hasn’t been in politics as long (funny, when the GOP has that on their side they praise the “washington outsider”), but he has the intelligence, the temperment, and the good judgement that makes experience a moot point. McCain has years under his belt (which he bashes in the case of Biden), but it is years of bad judgement, very little positive things accomplished, and he’s basically promising to keep doing the things Bush has been doing that haven’t worked. Honestly, I never seem to hear any arguments in favor of McCain that aren’t the hollow talking points – even McCain himself finally admitted that he doesn’t consider Obama a socialist.

    “the wildly successful Republican tradition of cutting taxes to increase economic activity”

    The eight years of prosperity under Clinton and the eight years of disaster under Bush beg to differ.

    I’m so glad Obama read that article, that’s fantastic and hopefully he’ll take at least some of it to heart.

  • Justin

    Thanks for posting this Michael, in the face of the inevitable “Write about food and only food and definitely not politics even when the politics are directly related to the food!” comments. And thanks everyone else for not feeding the trolls.

    Anyway, it’s exciting to know that Obama is actually aware of Pollan’s ideas. That said, his deep ties to big corn are one of the (very) few issues that make me a bit less ecstatic about an Obama presidency. Can’t win Iowa without them, though, so here’s hoping!

  • rockandroller

    I’ll be so glad when this election is over. I can’t stand all the anger and conflict it’s causing. I do think people should NOT talk about this at work, I had to listen to my co-workers and a customer having a political conversation this weekend that absolutely made my blood boil and if I didn’t need the 2nd job so bad, I would have just quit, it’s that irritating.

    This being Michael’s blog, I think he can blog about whatever he wants. He doesn’t have to “stick to talking about food” or any other particular topic if he doesn’t want to, if you ask me. If you don’t agree with his viewpoint, getting into a blog post argument about who is stupider or who knows better is about as worthwhile as spitting into the wind.

  • Jaxie Waxie Woo

    If “experience” is the only thing to go by when gauging someone’s qualifications for a position, then I guess that means I’m ready to take over the kitchen at The French Laundry. After all, I have 30+ years of experience cooking.

    Granted, odds are the vast majority of patrons will all suffer terribly debilitating food poisoning as a result since I’m such a lousy cook, but fortunately for me, that doesn’t matter as we seem to be focusing only on quantity of experience rather than quality of performance.


  • Johnson C.S. Reynolds IV

    It is called the first amendment – one post won’t kill people – despite your own political feelings and disappointment about Michael’s post you shouldn’t require everyone to shut up if their opinion is different than yours. Or be disappointed. That is what Stalin used to demand of everyone.

    Obama is not a Marxist or a socialist – learn what those words mean before you use them. It just sounds ignorant. The last 8 years have shown that the ultra rich has gotten very favorable treatment in tax policy while the middle class have gotten the shaft. Obama wants to do the opposite of this and is somehow a socialist? That is a very odd conclusion.

    Full disclosure – Republican policies benefit me a lot as a member of the actual elite, but I still think the middle class deserve a break and some fairness so they can recover.

    I have grown far richer in the last 8 years. But I recognize a crisis of the middle class: outsourcing of jobs, vanishing 401K’s, real estate paper profits and quality of life are melting away for many people…

    I don’t think Wal-Mart can hire that many aging baby boomer greeters when they are working through their retirement.

    The US has borrowed trillions of dollars in the last 8 years and this bill will need to be paid somehow. Both McCain and Obama have talked about various spending programs – both will not simply happen due to the last 8 years of hyper spending and the biggest government expansion since World War II into private industry.

    To fellow Republicans who are so partisan – I respectfully submit that you start looking at reality. Saying someone is Marxist or Socialist is weaksauce without backing those words up with facts.

    Trying to insinuate that Obama is a socialist is simply not true, not by any stretch. You can dislike the Democrats policies but you don’t need to manufacture reality (lie) to prove your point. For shame. You make republicans look bad, but luckily I know my fellow Republicans are honest about things and this party can be rebuilt, despite partisan hacks.

    Other countries universal health care system is half the cost – let me repeat – half the cost of our US system on a per capita basis. It provides superior care for the entire country, not just the fortunate. It is more efficient in many ways. Not perfect, but more efficient and people don’t live in fear of someone in their family having a serious disease and losing everything to save that persons life. There is something to be said about that.

    For a capitalist like myself, more efficient systems should be looked at closely and not thrown away just because HMO lobbyists have programmed us all to think “ooooh socialism = bad” which limits our ability to actually analyze other systems. The current health care system allows HMO’s and insurance companies to decide if you live or die. That is immoral.

    Ultimately – partisan politics have helped made a once proud America a cynical and jaded place which is slowly killing the American dream.

  • faustianbargain

    (to joanie)i dont know how time in a POW gives a person experience to run a country. just wondering.

    as someone who lived in a country where a marxist party came to power in three states of the 20+, i think that those who dont know the definition of marxism probably shouldnt be using the word…

    i suppose those who give away their freedoms for a few hundred dollars a year in tax rebate deserve the govt they get…

  • Dave Valentine

    While I respect your right to believe and vote for whomever you wish, I am very disappointed that you chose to use your blog to discuss politics. Just like others have posted, this blog has been a nice place where I could escape from all the political bullshit.

  • ricardo

    c’mon michael vote for whomever you want but keep your site on food just as obama probably won’t talk about how to confit a duck if he had a blog! as for me i am ‘goin GOP!

  • Seth Haynes

    I voted for Obama a week ago.

    Ruhlman thank you and everyone for getting the word out to vote. Voting is your right and rights go away if you ignore them.

  • OMARI A.K.

    I fail to understand why in USA HEROES and chest thumpers are from the military only. Are there no heroes who have traversed this world seeking, saving or assisting humanity in other issues apart from wars, conflicts and fightings ? I dont find it ok for Mcain to impress on his POW record as a catapult to lead America. Americans assist to educate, treat deceases and many many other humanitarian aids, Those are the the real heroes and heroines. Idol washiping the Military leads to unecessary deaths to US young military conscripts and those from other areas of the world eg IRAQIs, Afghanis and others.

  • MessyONE

    Thank you Michael.

    I’m not allowed to vote, which sucks (I only have a Green Card). Judging by what various media are saying (Canadian, English, French), Obama is the candidate of choice for most of the rest of the world. No one outside of the U.S. has any respect for Bush and the Bush administration and they see McCain as more of the same.

    A lot of people here in Chicago are waiting for the rioting to start. If there’s any question about the results (a la Florida), the city will explode. If/When Obama wins, everyone’s expecting the city to celebrate in the streets. Different outcomes, same problem.

  • chadzilla

    Not to pull to any side here, but to give perspective on the election from a swing state (Florida) early voter…
    I waited for 7 1/2 hours in line to vote in Broward County south Florida. The longest wait I have heard from any news story was 6 hours which indicates the even higher number of recorded early voters.
    Judging from the vibe and conversations going on in the crowd (7 plus hours sparks quite a number of discussions), I’d say that at least 80% (of even possibly upwards of 90%) of the voters in line were pulling for Obama. I realize that every area has a different demographic, but this number was unbelievable in a state with a supposed 2 point difference at the polls.
    With my “I Voted” sticker and my T-shirt tan from standing in the sun, I feel great. I hate to admit that I haven’t fulfilled my voting obligation in the past election, but I will never miss another. What an amazing thing to be a part of.

  • jacqueline

    Cheers to you Michael. Anyone who buys the race baiting, fear-mongering of McPalin’s campaign is in for more of what we’ve got now. And, they’re falling to the lowest common denominator not aspiring to our best selves.

    The “I’ve got mine, screw the rest of you” policies of the current regime are what got us into the mess domestically, and abroad. From our food safety, to the future of our children’s health, the economy…

    there is no such thing as the “non peeing part of the pool” people ….we are smarter than that and can be better than what McCain expects of us.

    Jacqueline Church

  • gfweb

    Come on Ruhlman, keep it on food. I have to listen to sports radio ( the lowest form of radio) just to escape the constant election barrage.

  • Laurence

    Michael,I come here to ESCAPE from politics, not to see it screaming on my RSS reader. Thanks for peeing in the oasis. Booo!