Help end the 8-year fiasco with a resounding vote for Barack Obama.

While we don’t know much about where the candidates stand on food issues, nicely pointed out here by Jeff Houck of the Tampa Tribune, we do know that Obama’s stances on all important issues, including his not raising taxes on the vast majority of Americans, are indeed intended to reverse the appalling course set by the Bush administration.  Here is the NYTimes editorial page endorsement of Obama, or better, read Thomas Friedman’s commentary today that endorses neither candidate but instead asks voters to consider the qualities we want in our president.

PS: Just been informed by a reader that the excellent jason kottke has linked to a Joe Klein interview in which Obama mentions the Pollan article.


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  • kabocho


  • Budd Tuggley

    Vote for change? Vote for hope? All good and fine, but change to and hope for what??? I’d rather vote for experience and proven leadership. Vote McCain!

  • cherylk

    Johnson C.S. Reynolds IV, well said. And three cheers for you Michael Ruhlman for stating what you believe in. If you don’t think McCain is allied with Bush, just look at who he’s allowed to run his campaign. My son is paying 9% on his college loans,GWB did that and McCain has no plan to fix it. Exxon posted it’s biggest profit in history, 14 million dollars! You can bet GWB has a hand in that by driving up the price of crude. Someone earlier said we shouldn’t be discussing this in a public forum but you’re wrong. We need to discuss this, we need to stand up for what is right and good. Someone earlier made reference to the fact that “this isn’t the 60’s”. No it’s not and thank God. You speak as if there were no problems then. There were plenty and sadly one big one still exists. And to the young man who made reference to this generation screwing things up, you’re right but my statement to you is this; rather than pointing the finger and assigning blame, do something about it. How many of the folks posted here are even registered voters?? My 17 year old can’t vote yet but she’s working the poles and she’s had doors slammed in her face as she stumped for Obama. VOTE, make a difference, this country needs to heal and prove why we are still the greatest nation. God save us all if we can’t get our shit together this time around.

  • Art

    You’re a consommate chef. Leave it at that. Keep your friggin’ political opinions to yourself.

  • Joe

    Because you can cook, you can tell me for whom I’m to cast my vote? I don’t think so. Keep it in the kitchen – not the voting booth.

  • Greg Turner


    I voted for Obama for a number of reasons, not the least of which is his intellectual curiosity and vigor, which enabled him, for example, to grasp quickly the relevant points of Pollan’s article on the American food system.

    McCain seems like a fine person (when he’s not being directed by Bush-appointed campaign staff), but it doesn’t seem as if he’s capable of understanding how policies affect one another. Plus, nearly every policy he’s outlined seems to favor big business over small, and the wealthy over the middle class.

    Healthcare, energy, diplomacy and foreign relations, rights of individuals, the foresight to have a transition team already in place. All these things helped form my opinion and support for Barack Obama.

  • Johnson C.S. Reynolds IV

    Good for you Michael.

    I applaud your right to exercise the First Amendment.

    Some partisans will probably not like you anymore Michael but who cares. Even though it is 100% American to express your opinion like you are doing, some rabid people will immediately consider you the enemy. Good people who disagree with your position should respect it though.

    Soul lacking drones only can vote for 1 party their entire life are our own version of the Taliban. Only a someone who is un-american would hate 50% of their fellow citizens over their choice for leadership.

    Or think someone voting for the other person is a sign of stupidity.

    Hey Partisan hacks – how about putting ALL Americans first for a change and not wallowing in negativity and hatred. My grandfather and his brother didn’t die in the Pacific in World War II for freedom just so negative idiots can spread a web of lies and deceit. For shame. People who are Partisan and blind make me sick.

    I may not agree with Obama, and be voting for John McCain but I have the honesty to admit that Barack Obama is one hell of an American that I am proud of. He has talent, drive and is smart. I think on Tuesday we all will win and we can start repairing America.

  • Knuckles

    Wow, Ruhlman, I’m impressed that you were willing to stick your blog out there like this. You see the level of commenting you attract with this sort of endorsement, and it makes me wonder why any non-political writer would do so. I applaud your action, and cast my vote for Obama last week. However, I cast my vote in Washington, a state that’s been in the bag for the Democrats since before the last vote was counted in 2004. Now, I can only hope my family in Ohio has followed your lead. Here’s hoping the haters and wingnuts don’t spam the comments too badly.

  • JBL

    “Only an idiot would believe that….”

    This is known as The Argument From Intimidation.

    “To dare is to challenge someone to perform an action as proof of his
    courage. This is the behavior of a pitiful little creature with the
    aspirations of a tyrant but without the power to compel. Since you do not
    have the power to compel, you attempt to swindle him into the acceptance of
    your goals and the use of your judgments as the standard for his actions.
    You trick him into performing the action by impugning his character. This is
    a form of the Argument from Intimidation.

  • JBL

    McBama it is then! Is there even a fundamental difference between these two besides Obama’s messianic complex?
    Frankly I feel that the Obama craze is proof that, in this day and age, media can select a president; as even otherwise intelligent people willingly gobble-up spoon-fed media omissions, flat-out lies and rhetoric.
    Between the lesser of evils I choose none of the above; this election I shall exercise my right to NOT vote.

  • johnmark7

    You’re a fool. And you, your money, and freedom will soon be parted if you elect that Marxist, racist, anti-American piece of crap.

  • jennie Cesario is Jennie Tikka

    I’m happily voting Obama myself. Maybe just maybe he can repair the damage done to all the progress made with FDR’s New Deal. Big Business and the Republicans have carefully repealed all the progress made for workers and we’re back to the Upton Sinclair/The Jungle days we thought were gone.

    And I’m not exaggerating when I say we’re back to the same things Sinclair decried decades ago. People forget that that book also decried not only conditions in slaughterhouses and food production, but also with the mortgage industry in Chicago in those days. There were adjustable rate mortgages back then, too – and large numbers of people defaulted on their homes.

  • Erica

    Do you really want him to be President?

    You betcha!

    Thanks for posting this Michael! I’m very excited to cast my vote for Barack Obama on Tuesday.

  • luis

    I don’t see how Obama will lead us out of this mess. If he wins I wish him and us well.
    I say the old guy McCain has earned first shot. You Obama guys don’t forget to vote on Wednesday….

  • Josh

    Barack Obama is not going to raise income taxes for most people in this country is true. He’s taxing the people that are paying most people’s salaries. That will cause their bosses to fire people, cut costs and lower benefits.

    With a Universal Health Care plan in this country we will adapt a similar program to Canada and the UK. Everything will go up in price and be double taxed.

    His lack of experience as a leader and also never having a real job until he became Senator of Illinois makes me question his decision making. Not to mention that he has voted the least amount of times in the Senate.

    Don’t forget that his running mate said that he is not fit to be President and that our country will be tested in the first 6 months he will be President.

    Do you really want him to be President?

  • TexanInMissouri

    Thank you Michael! I’ve been so busy volunteering for Senator Obama here in Missouri, that I’ve not been checking anything on the net but the news and the polls. I decided to take a break and check in here. It was so great to see the headline!

    We can do this!

  • Adele

    Way to go, Michael!

    I first became eligible to vote in 1968, and this election was the only time I have felt truly good about casting my presidential vote. Barack’s from Chicago and so am I, so I have few illusions about politics, but I left the early voting precicnt smiling.

    I’m having an election night get together on Tuesday — making jambalaya, sweet potato pie (Barack’s favorite), a salad of some kind, and probably some black-eyed peas, since they’re a good luck food. The decor will be blue. Any bloggers have any other suggestions for symbolic food. I thought about Spam as a tribute to Barack’s time in Hawaii, but I loathe Spam.

  • Andrew Martin

    Done and done!

    Another Ohio family for Obama, too bad it is going to take at least four years (optimistically) to fix the systematic damage of the Bush adminsitration

  • ruhlman

    I’m going to address this once then stay out of it. Barry, if you have an adjusted earned income of 250K plus, then you can afford to pay a little more in taxes. i don’t, but if i did, i don’t think it would kill me. friedman is right. we’re all in the same boat. everyone i know who voted for bush, and they were all pretty well fixed, did so because they thought they’d have more money in the end. this is a terrible reason to cast your vote. i believe a vote for obama will increase your bottom line. sadly, it’s going to take some time no matter who wins on tuesday.


  • Dana

    I really think that folks should keep their opinions to themselves. I like your blog, I look forward to it, I don’t like reading about who you think I should vote for… I tend to think less of you. I used to be a huge Springsteen fan, even met him and framed his autograph, until he opened his big fat, uninformed political mouth. Now, not so much.

  • Different Mike

    McCain will make sure the country is secure, has actual relevant experience, and would continue the wildly successful Republican tradition of cutting taxes to increase economic activity. But none of that’s important, as long as you have a guy who sounds good. What does it matter that he’s reneged on so many promises and has zero legislative accomplishments?

    Only an idiot would believe that McCain would be anything more than a raging disaster. He is a fool of the first water, and has made nothing but terrible decisions for a long time. HIs experience is that of an intellectually deficient, self-centered frat boy. The best thing that could happen to this country would be for him to be consigned to the footnote in history that is the most he deserves.

    No one who votes for McCain is capable of good judgment.

  • Luke

    I love your blog but really think you should stick to Veal Stock and mis en place and leave out the politics. If you belive that Obama is going to stick with his proposed tax plan then your crazy.

  • Fork N Knives

    Im 25 and I sure am voting (write in) for Ron Paul, not surprised though that so many people “think” they know the issues, remember Obama was the lawyer who sued Freddie Mac and Fannie May which forced them to give out those bad loans. But whatever my generation will be paying a long time for you greedy, crybaby, TOTAL lack of responsibility Boomers and X’ers
    and to think you guys have the nerve to call us the Me Generation. Whatever sell out America some more with the Socialist Obama and the Neo-Con McCain. Fools

  • carri

    Thanks for putting yourself out there on this one…my only worry is that if Obama wins then we get Sarah back here in Alaska…but it’s a worry I’m willing to stomach so that she doesn’t end up in the Whitehouse! Obama is just what we need right now!

  • Judy

    Only a fool would vote for four more years of failed and disastrous policies.

    Obama got my vote three weeks ago. He’s intelligent, forward-thinking, fair-playing, and open to possibilities.

  • Skawt

    Yep, that good old experience. Too bad it only applies when your experience leads you to make good decisions, instead of flailing around like a “maverick”.

  • lux

    Way to go Ruhlman. I knew there was a reason I liked you. :)

    After the unmitigated catastrophe of the last 8 years, Obama is the clear choice if you want someone who is going to be a smarter, more thoughtful president.

    I’ll be proudly casting my vote for him when the polls open Tuesday AM.

  • joanie

    To quote Arnold, McCain spent more time in a POW camp than Obama spent in the Senate. Scary.

    And in today’s world, experience DOES count. This is not 1960.

    You may know what Obama’s “promises” are, but you know what they say:

    PROMISE THE FOOLS ANYTHING. And only a fool will believe it.

  • Alex Baillieul


    Rock on. Good to see you are on the right side of the issues here. Bush has been an unmitigated disaster, and it is too risky to let one of his cronies take the reigns of power. And don’t let anyone kid themselves, McCain is a Bush man through and through. He’s supported the man continuously over the last eight years with almost no deviance. He sold out his maverick leanings in order to appease the radical right and get the Republican nomination.

    Obama’s inexperienced? So what. So was Kennedy, and he worked out pretty well. Bush was very experienced (supposedly) at governing when he was elected. Look what that got us.

    On food issues, I don’t know where either candidate stands. However, I can only judge Obama’s policies to be more sustainable and friendly to the environment, economy and society as a whole. I have confidence this will translate to food issues as well.

    We’re ground zero here in Ohio. I’ll be out working for the Obama campaign in a GOTV effort Tuesday. Everyone needs to get out and vote if you haven’t already. Take a friend or two if you can.

    Best Wishes.

  • Rachel

    I happily voted for Obama in Columbus OH about 2 weeks ago.

    Though we don’t know about Obama’s food policies necessarily, he does understand that mega farms and mega foods are not healthy for the American economy or waistlines. He proposes limits on farm income and subsidies that will benefit small farmers while making corporate farms less profitable. See He also wants to toughen up rural pollution penalties, which will result in cleaner water and cleaner food.

  • Mike

    You know it’s a good candidate when the best thing you have to say about him is that he won’t RAISE taxes.

    McCain will make sure the country is secure, has actual relevant experience, and would continue the wildly successful Republican tradition of cutting taxes to increase economic activity. But none of that’s important, as long as you have a guy who sounds good. What does it matter that he’s reneged on so many promises and has zero legislative accomplishments?

  • Tags

    A new president isn’t enough.

    We need to strengthen the congressional overhaul we started in 2006.

    More specifically, we need more guys like Tom Harkin in the Senate & House of Representatives to fight the agribusiness blockades against food policy progress.

  • Rhonda

    Hi all.

    Luis, who is a regular poster here mentioned that he met Matt Damon in his restaurant last Thursday who was telling everyone to “make sure and vote next Wednesday”. Perhaps it would be prudent to say that the election will be on Tuesday. I know this sounds simple but….

  • Charlotte

    Voted for Obama last week — there’s huge excitement in Montana — Ron Paul’s still on the ballot, there aren’t any hotly contested local races, and all the kids are fired up. McCain’s only polling about 4 points ahead, and Ron Paul beat him in the primary. We’re all working feverishly to flip this big piece of real estate to blue. We got Tester (an organic farmer) into office by about 2000 votes the last election — here’s hoping we can do the same for Obama.

  • casacaudill

    Did you get a chance to see Obama and Bruce Springsteen in Cleveland today? My sister texted me from the event and said there were people EVERYWHERE. Sadly, here in CA the politicos have abandoned us since it’s a lock.