I’ll be in St. Louis today, doing a demo at Viking and a “drop by" signing of Elements of Cooking at the nearby Borders from 5-6 or so (if you want a book there, best to call ahead, not sure if they’ll have stacks and stacks of books)

Thanks Alanna and Ian!

Adam Roberts did a good Q&A with me about the book, and to my surprise and delight, Elise, fierce friend of the home cook, put up a review as well!

AND, while I was en route to St. Louis, apparently, the amazing Heidi Swanson put up a post about the book using with one of my favorite "elements"–on recipes.  Thank you Adam, Elise and Heidi!


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  • Mike Sweeney

    My girlfriend and I are really looking forward to the demo at Viking. We’ll be sure to come by early and get a book signed as well.

  • Kansas City rube

    Man, I hope “6 or so” really means 6:15. My girlfriend’s last class ends at 6:00 and I told her she’d get an even worse beating tomorrow if she didn’t get my birthday copy signed.

  • Russ

    Michael: What about Minneapolis? We eat here too you know….and Tony B is coming here for his new book….Come On !!! PLEASE !!!!

  • anne

    if you are not already aware – heidi at 101cookbooks also wrote up a lovely review of your book!

  • Dana

    If you happen to be planning a similar drop-in “signing” in Nashville, please post about it as soon as you can beforehand. I can’t afford to go to the Viking demonstration there, but I would really, really, really love to meet you somehow. And since I live two hours from Nashville, I can’t just tell my job to shove off without notice, lol.

  • Lisa

    Puffed nuclear cheese byproducts…we all have our secret food weaknesses. Thanks for ‘fessing up to yours, Michael! In the grocery store yesterday, the helpful produce guy searched the storage room to get perkier peppers for me and the fish man always knows to tell me when the scallops were delivered. But I had to scuttle like a sand crab past the clearance Halloween leftovers lest I succumb to my fatal addiction: CANDY CORN! (Cue the horror music.) I’ve made it this entire season without buying a bag of the fiendish stuff so far. Only a few days until the store shelves are cleared and I’m safe til next fall.

    BTW, I’d ravage a bag of puffed cheese-air thingies in a few minutes flat if I ever bought them…but they don’t sing out to me with the crack-like insistence of the Candy Devil Corn.

    Terrific interview. I don’t believe in writer’s block either. Your example of chef’s block is apropos. How about “construction worker’s block”–I’m not FEELING the hammer today, boss? Sit down, turn the computer on and write. Write badly for awhile, if you’re having an off day, and then eventually the groove will come back. Just DO It–wasn’t that a popular slogan, once upon a time?

  • Dennis McKay

    Congratulations, Michael, on your new book and thanks for your prompt reply. Best of luck with the book tour.

  • Frances

    Re writer’s block. Our boss had a saying at the engineering firm where I used to work: “Do something! Even if it’s wrong!” Scary, huh?

  • sailorgrrl07

    How comezit no one nominated this blog for best food blog on the weblog 2007 awards? My excuse is I started blogging here too late. 🙂

    Too bad, I guess the nominations closed 10/18.


  • The Professor

    AWWWWWW !!!!! This IS the best food blog and we were all too , too, something to nominate it. Ruhlman , I am so sorry. I have been voting in a Cultural Blog race and I feel personally responsible . The polls closed at 4:00 pm cst today. You know we could have won this thing for Ruhlman, after everything he does for us. I think we all live a little through him, or at the very least, really enjoy reading this blog. Shite!

  • stephanie

    It was so great to meet you last night! The class was great…although I was distracted sometimes by eating and talking and the Queen tunes coming from the kitchen, and may have missed some things. Oh well, the book will catch me up, I’m sure. Sorry if I acted like a silly fangirl spaz. What can i say? I love your work.

  • Doodad

    Rebecca, Atlanta is tonight at the Viking store.

    I promised a friend I would work. 🙁

  • Frances

    I have an off topic question for you Michael. In The Reach of a Chef, you mention that a chef named Dale Levitski (from Blackbird) took Grant Achatz’s position at Trio when Grant left to open Alinea. Is that the same Dale who nearly won Top Chef 3? I saw the two restaurants in his bio, but they don’t give last names. Grant is one tough act to follow, but whoever Dale Levitski is, he must be pretty special to even be considered for the job. If it’s the same Dale, it explains a lot and why the restaurant closing he mentioned was so crushing.

  • Mark in St Louis

    Saw Ruhlman last night in St Louis. If anyone has the chance to see him at one of his Viking demos or anywhere else, I strongly suggest you make every attempt to do so. Great food, great conversation and a heck of a nice guy in person. Good job, Michael, hope to see you again sometime!

  • Dawn in St Louis

    I also was at the Viking demo last night in STL and also had a great time. Listening to you speak about cooking always makes me want to go make something! The weekend’s food task is to make baked goods for my office mates – we’re relocating to a new less-desirable office space and they’ve decided that baked goods will lessen their pain, and I am the token baker. The home-cured bacon will have to wait!

  • JoP in Omaha

    I’m not Michael, but yes, the Top Chef 3 contestant was Dale Levitski.

  • Ian

    The class was great. And thanks again, Michael, for stopping by Borders to chat with a few of us beforehand.

  • Mike

    Michael you left too soon! After class, I found a Vosges “Mo’s Bacon Bar” at Whole Foods. I hurried back with one for you, but too late.
    I’m in heavy negotiations with the local Butcher for Pork Belly & Beef Plate.
    Thanks for a great class, & taking the time to talk & sign all my books.

  • Conor

    Aaaaaand, it’s Symon! No surprise I suppose, though I’d like to know how the Iron Chefs voted vs. how the judges did. Any insight, Michael?