Bod del Grosso has posted a slide show of a visit to Hudson Valley Foie Gras.  If you care about about the issue of foie, have a look at his pix end of the post (he did not see the site of the recent fire).  The legendary Michael Pardus went along for the ride.  And speaking of foie, another reason to love Judith Jones’s new book—her take on the foie brouhaha.  Ridiculous, she says.  But she’s a woman who’s fond of fried beaver tail, so no surprise perhaps. Bless her soul.


Oh, and Elements of Cooking is officially published today—if you go to a book store and they don’t have it, scream bloody murder.  Or better yet, say, “That’s OK, I’ll order it from Amazon.”

And it was just picked as one of the top books of the season by amazon (just after I put this post up, hmm) in their Significant Seven.  "…it’s a must-have for every kitchen library–a book that will help you re-think your approach to food," says Brad (who’s Brad?! I like him!). I’m right next to Richard Russo, of whom I’m a huge fan. 


38 Wonderful responses to “A Hunger Artist Visits Hudson Valley Foie Farm”

  • stephanie

    I bought it yesterday, and am thoroughly entrenched and loving it. Yet another one of your books that I am proud to own.

    Now, please forgive us Bostonians and come do a signing here!

  • Neal L.

    That’s the foie we want!
    Healthy ducks means good liver.
    Bourdain also there. Hope he can shed some light to a more widespread audience.

  • Kansas City rube

    Ruhlman, amazon has bestowed upon a honor that you surely must have dreamed of when you were just a young Dookie: You are officially a “popular blogger.”

  • Scotty

    ““That’s OK, I’ll order it from Amazon.”

    That’s what happened at B & N today, so I did just that. It should be here Thursday.

    As for del Grosso, he has done the world a service!

  • doodad

    Michael, I am really sorry I am going to miss you this Friday here in ATL. Especially as a demo session. I promised to work an inventory with a friend and that came before I knew.

    If you have a book signing the next day, please post. Heck, it is cold down here today, you don’t want to go back to worse!

  • Anonymous

    After I was done moving all the copies of Sandra Lee’s new book to Horror, Fiction, Mystery, and Diseases and Disorders at Barnes & Noble in Bethesda yesterday, I made sure “Elements” was at eye level on their feature display rack in the Cooking section (it was way down below, covered up by Paula Deen). Lo and behold, not ten minutes later, two people got in the checkout line behind me with your book. One of them was also buying Padma’s new book.

  • AJ

    When a large chain declined to carry my husband’s book, he stealth shelved it. We’ve always wondered what will happen if someone tries to buy it!

  • Stephanie M. Clarkson

    So I spent today with a bunch of people at the in person calls for The Next Food Network Star (I did well; well enough that they’ve asked me for a call back video, longer than the ones they wanted for the MySpace videos, with a task for it, and recipes); everyone else there seemed to be a caterer, including a very nice older woman who didn’t know what mirepoix was.

    So I reached into my bag, and pulled out the book, and said, ‘this will be invaluable to you.’ The caterer next to her looked at it, sniffed a little, and said, ‘I’ve had that for a while. It’s ok.’

    I admit, I pulled him out a little, and he said dismissively, ‘Oh I’ve had it half a year or so.’ That’s when I pointed out that it was only published today (I work in a bookstore, and when it showed up last week it didn’t have the DO NOT SELL warning on the invoice, and I assumed it was out, and it came home with me, and I sleep with it now).

    Suffice to say, Ruhlman must now be golden boy of the Food Network, because me, a totally untrained, purple haired food blogger (with a great story about exploding a haggis), got a call back, and neither of those caterers did.

  • Andy

    No signing in LA? Cook’s Library on 3rd St (also at the Hollywood Farmers Market) is great and a lot of chefs have done book signings there, including your pal (or nemesis), Anthony Bourdain.

    This Sunday, Judith Jones is doing a book signing at the Vroman’s in Pasadena, which has a larger-than-usual cooking section.

  • Joseph Bayot

    I am totally engulfed in your book. I would write a longer comment, but I’m too busy reading!

    All the best,
    Joseph Bayot

  • LBD

    I hope you’ll be back to The Regulator in Durham. I can’t belive I didn’t even know about your last visit considering I work right next door to the damn place! Will they get you a big assed limo like Paula Deen had when she did a signing there?

  • Frances

    Elements is looking like exactly the reference book I had hoped it would be. First thing I looked up? Gastrique. I had a feeling it would have something to do with acid, just because of how it sounds. I was surprised at how many terms I knew that I didn’t know and was guessing at what they meant and I was close to right.

    I haven’t read all of the essays yet, but what I’ve read is invaluable. Great section on kitchen hardware. I’m ashamed to admit that we own a cherry pitter. And one of those things that you press down on an apple and it cores it and slices it into wedges. And a plain steel Echo vegetable peeler that I’ve had for 20 years and will never give up.

  • Shelley

    Three comments:

    I’m not buying your book, Ruhlman. I’m putting it on my Christmas Wish List, so I expect I will receive at least a couple of copies of it next month. And I promise to write an honest Amazon review for you — I’m pretty durned good at those. (Just look up “cast iron smoker” on that site and find out!)

    I’ve been wondering how to compare your book to Alton Brown’s fun books on cooking. Yours is more cheffy and literate? His is more homey and humorous? Even if those comparisons aren’t employing legitimate adjectives, I will still refer to all of these titles from my kitchen, I’m sure. (Already have his and love ’em.)

    And lastly, Paula Deen.* She recently published a biography, which I have no desire to own or read. But I *do* want to know who photoshopped her portrait on the cover. I want to hire that guy/gal to, um… “enhance” my picture for eHarmony. ;]

    *I admit that I like her a teensy bit more now that I know she is addicted to cigarettes. Always suspected the nicotine. Hey, are most good cooks smokers? (Not the bbq kind of smoke, I’m sayin’.)

  • Mona

    I went ahead and put my hard earned….. wait my husbands hard earned money and got your book yesterday afternoon—– lovin’ it :0)
    I agree with the rest of the Bostonians—
    except for the fact that I am a transplant in California, do you think it is possible to come here for some signing instead?

  • Drew Vogel

    I received my copy yesterday (from Amazon) and am very grateful for your work, Mr. Ruhlman.

    I will meet you during your book tour at Joseph-Beth in Cincinnati.

  • CaptainK

    I, too, ordered your book yesterday. I was also going to order the one your recommended a while back, “The Elements of Taste” but quickly changed my mind when I saw the $52.00 price tag.

    On another note, I ruched home yesterday, like I always do, to watch the original Iron Chef (it comes on at 4:00 AM and I tape it. However, I was bummed all night. It wasn’t on. I checked next week, and no, not there either. Food Network must have finally dropped it all together.

    Does anyone know if they ever sold DVD’s of the series?

  • The Foodist

    Congrats on the release, looking forward to your CIA visit…which hopefully by then Ill have a copy and some of it read.. if not, shame on me!

  • Dennis

    Bought the new book yesterday. Between you and Bourdain’s Les Halles cookbook, I think I am now beaten down enough to finally make some veal stock.

  • jim miscedra


    The very thing happened in merry old Poughkeepsie, a mere 5 miles north of the CIA, when I went to the B&N last night. I had pre-ordered the book. Lotta’ good that did me. No luck. An e-mail that arrived at my home 15 minutes after I left the store let me know it was ready for pick-up. sigh. Anyways, I will pick-up my “everyday use” copy tonight. I will, of course, buy and additional one or two at the CIA for yuu to sign in November. I assume the signing is open to the public. By the way, you should have insisted on defacing your new book, by including “as seen on the Food Network”, then you could have be on the top-shelf at B&N next to the Deen boys.

    I am also hopeful Bob del Grosso will attend your signing, as I would love to thank him in person for the salsa di pomodori recipe he posted months ago. It has become a weekly staple in our home and is especialy helpful when time is precious. The only substitution we make occassionally is to substitue the Muir Island Fire roasted tomatos. Awesome.

  • Foodie in the 'Nati

    Can’t wait to read this book! I was a “cook” in a past life–before my never ending toils in graduate school (“cook” title loosely applied…it’s not like I worked in fast food, but I’m not sure my former job gives me a lot of cooking street cred). Anytime I get down about my graduate student lot in life, I go back to food–cooking something new, reading, shopping at Jungle Jim’s–and life is good again. This book will be a lovely addition to my collection. I’m stoked you’ll be visiting the Joseph Beth in Cincinnati–it’s on my calendar. Wouldn’t miss it!

  • WalktheLine

    The poor duckies…Anyhoo, have you ever heard of The Tattered Cover bookstore, Michael? I believe it is world renowned~ Or atleast a legend in Denver~ Love the book!

  • WalktheLine

    And, btw, the “poor duckies” comment was for the ones who caught fire.
    Oh so many years ago when I was at JWU Denver, my Meat Cutting Chef Instructor would say “I love being at the top of the food chain!”
    PS-That “thing” in the slide show that DelGrosso didn’t know…was that an air injector?

  • Claudia

    Oh, and not that you need another NYC book-signing, but Melanie Dunea, who produced My Last Supper and shot the book jacket for Nasty Bits, had HER book signing a week or so ago in the Time Warner Building – where they have Williams-Sonoma, Per Se, Masa AND a Borders, as you know. But I’m thinking your desperate and despondent fans in LA, Pheonix, etc., must have some similar kind of venue. God help us, even Bourdain is doing Mall of America! (Though he has not sunk so far as The Mall at Short Hills!)

    Michael, does your PR/publisher plot out the pit stops for you, and do they base it solely on the book-buying market? I’m still kind of surprised that both you and Bourdain are bypassing LA this time around. (I’m not complaining, personally, since you two have NYC covered – but I am wondering.)

  • Jeannie

    Just bought my book at the Borders on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Skimmed through it while I was waiting in line to checkout and look forward to reading it. The first definition I went for was gastrique. I did wonder what exactly it was…

  • jsmeeker


    Don’t forget to update the main portion of your website to mention “Elements”

  • Darcie

    I tried two bookstores here before finally and ordering from Amazon. It shipped today! Good news is the friendly clerk at the indy bookstore said he would order some copies so I’ll probably buy some there as gifts.

  • Barbara B

    Significant Seven, right up there with Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Hehehe

  • Drew


    Love you, love your books, heck, even love your hair.

    But, fer chrissakes, how about hawking the book via the local independent bookstore? Does Amazon really need the business?

    See you Sunday at Book Passage!


  • kristin

    Thanks Michael for writing such a terrific book. Got my copy yesterday and I am really enjoying your opinion on all things stock, salt, eggs, tools and all the other useful things. (tools no self respecting chef would be caught dead with, very useful.) This will sit right next to my copy of Larousse Gastronomique as I try to continue to improve my skills as a cook. Thanks again so much.

  • Jason

    I’m not sure if anyone is aware of this but I barn where Hudson Valley store their ducks burned to the ground with over 15,000 of their ducks. I suspect priced will go through the roof.