66 Wonderful responses to “Bourdain and Pekar”

  • artnlit

    Thanks, Michael & Bob. Even in this brief segment, Tony seems perplexed by Cleveland (snow, neighborhoods). I look forward to seeing the entire episode. So what is on the menu for the old man’s birthday today? Do share if you hear of some odd exploits or if it a day of strained peas and a burping baby…

  • rockandroller

    Is this a teaser for the Cleveland No Res. episode? We’re all waiting to see it, you know. Is it airing soon?

  • Natalie Sztern

    this was fabulous…and u kmow what? I thing creating a comic book is a fantastic idea and would sell….what better a next step!

  • Natalie Sztern

    of course i know that wasn’t the point of the video,…but it could be food for thought

  • Claudia

    Very imaginative promo – it augurs well for the infamous Cleveland Smackdown episode! Happy brithday, Tony – I see they’re already setting up the police barracades in the street around the Siberia bar . . . or was that until they clear out LAST night’s debauchery? (!)

  • fiat lux

    Can’t watch videos in the office; I’ll have to wait until I get home tonight. 🙁

    Tony has birthdays? I thought that the years of hard living had weathered him into agelessness, like a fine piece of driftwood.

  • Danina

    Saw that clip last night. There is also a piece with Marky Ramone (talking about eating bugs off a windshield!!) Happy birthday!

  • Jennie/Tikka

    Fiat – I think its that all the moonshine he’s ingested during his travels has perfectly preserved him, for good! 😉

    Happy Birthday, Bourdain!

  • Skawt

    Happy birthday, Tony. And thanks.

    Thanks for putting stuff in your mouth that the rest of us wouldn’t even touch in a hazmat suit.

    Much appreciated.

  • "Chef" Suzy

    I LUUUUV Harvey Pekar!!!

    SZTERN: Pekar is only like the greatest social commentator of the century! R. Crumb WISHES he was Harvey Pekar!!!

    Ruhlman: Can you like, get me an autograph?
    …I’m totally serious: I’ve got Crumb, Kelley, Mouse, Warhol- and I managed get them all in person from the artist…

    Wow: now I kinda sorta know somebody who knows Harvey Pekar – ohmigawd!

    I even have Ramones stuff signed from the Berkeley Square show in 1981. Red Hot Chilis opened with Sockman…
    In fact, I have more than autographs from a certain Ramone – ahh…but WHICH Ramone? Ooops I not sure I remember which one anymore. I KNOW it wasn’t Joey…

    2 degrees and counting.
    PS: Ruhlman: I had no idea you were so TALL.
    PPS: Happy Birthday T.! How many fingers old are we today?

  • wayne

    I like both Anthony and Harvey. I am eager to see this. Unfortunately The Food Network is already copying them by having the barefoot contessa meet R. Crumb.

  • Bob delGrosso

    The Barefoot Contessa and Robert Crumb? I don’t know where you are getting your information from Wayne but I’m sure you are mistaken. I heard that R. Crumb is in contract to do a book featuring Emeril. It’s a Horatio Alger type human interest story that shows Emeril as works his way up from obscurity in the kitchen and is distinct from all of Crumb’s other work in that it is the only book he’s ever done where he did not have to draw one of the characters. What I’m saying here Wayne (and don’t let this get around) is that Crumb is going to use photographs of Emeril, no drawings. Bam! 🙂

  • FoodPuta

    This got me to thinking: Wouldn’t it be nice to actually see Bourdain cook for once?

    He does cook, right?

  • "Chef" Suzy

    >>>Sorry Wayne, I knew that and was just extending the joke into new terrain. I should have made that more obvious 🙁

    Posted by: Bob delGrosso | June 25, 2007 at 10:37 PM

    It WAS funny delG!

    >>>This got me to thinking: Wouldn’t it be nice to actually see Bourdain cook for once?

    He does cook, right?
    Posted by: FoodPuta | June 26, 2007 at 12:25 AM

    Yes – “Chef” T. is a legend in his mind for his frites…

  • "Chef" Suzy

    Actually delG, you’re right — it wasn’t funny!

    How DARE you take the name of Emeril in vain? What if the sponsors knew that Bourdain and Ruhlman were frequenting a blog that spoke so disparagingly of the unconditionally loved media heavyweight creator of bottled BAM! and the implicaion that he is even aware of the existance of the exploits of Fritz the Cat!

    A large percentage of the FN’s 35-65 female demographic find Chef E a very suitable object of their sublimated desire, and yet still their husbands are also somehow lulled into placated acceptance by his apparent impotent harmlessness.

    As for Crumb: Let ‘yer Freak Flag Fly!

  • parkbench

    Fritz the Cat? Feh. Crumb would have to be patterning Emeril on his notorious Sasquatch, though it’s not a mental image I savor.

    Happy birthday, Chef T!


  • sorcha

    Happy birthday, Tony!

    Ruhlman: My husband gave me this link, and it’s vaguely food-related as some of the things tossed into the blender are actual food items. It’s also bizarre and criminally funny.

    Promotional videos for Blendtec blenders in which the hilariously deadpan host blends everything from light bulbs to golf clubs. There’s a “Don’t Try This At Home” section and a “Please Try This At Home.” Of course, the DTTAH is where I’ve been spending time.

  • bourdain

    I had dinner at Momofuku Ssam. It was as good as everyone says it is. A wonderland of pork. Thanks for the well wishes.

  • artnlit

    Excellent, Tony! Thanks for letting us know. Hope you had a great day. Pop by the NR site every once in a while to satisfy the masses…

    BTW, I can’t help myself: “A wonderland of pork.” Insert joke here! Reminds me of a film I once saw… LOL!

  • Give it a rest 3

    Suzy, the only “chef” is you. Tony actually is a chef. You don’t beome a chef because you call yourself one, it is because others do. READ: earned title, not self appointed.

  • Natalie Sztern

    i wanted more of pekar, but unfortunately the dvd does not ship to canada and his last blog was 2003- if i am right, where can i get more of him?

  • Vinnie

    To the question about when the Cleveland ep is airing, it scheduled to air Monday, September 3 at 10:00 p.m. My in-laws run The Sausage Shoppe, one of the places visited on the Cleveland episode.

  • Natalie Sztern

    ps i know its yesterday’s news, but chef su i actually had to laugh at ur answer to my the oils blog…and there wasn’t one expletive!! oh and what is a “jones-ing” freak?

  • realitybites

    Thanks Vinnie. I grew up in Akron, so I am very excited to see Tony visit Cleveland.

  • rockandroller

    Vinnie, are you related to Wendy?

    I go to the sausage shoppe regularly and have turned at least 3 people onto it in recent months, they are now regular shoppers there as well. Thx for the heads-up about when it’s going to air!

  • jaye joseph

    God, I’m dying to go to Momofuku. That’s a glorious place to spend a birthday evening. Or at least, so I hear. Tony, there are many here that would love to hear/read a review in your style…I’m just sayin’.

  • Tags

    God bless Wikipedia for pointing to this psedonymous article Harvey wrote about his Letterman experience;

    After reading this screed against pandering to big companies, it appears to me that Harvey has had an effect on his neighbor to the south, Bill Watterson. With all the unshoveled walks around there, North Ohioans seem to have developed a keen sense of balance to avoid slipping into corporate orbit. Maybe that’s what draws Bourdain to Michael in spite of his wholesome outlook.

  • Chef Suzy: CCA/Le Cordon Bleu/CEC class of '07

    To: Give It A Rest Suzy Eleventy One, Give It A Rest Suzy 1, Give It A Rest Suzy 2, Give It A Rest Suzy 3


    Sorcha –
    …What a cunning stunt!

  • No really Give it a rest

    This is not personal, hon, but I think you are missing the point. People are sick of you going off topic, and blabbing about whatever incessantly.This is Ruhlman’s blog. You really should get your own forum if you have so much to say. It is only fair to MR and his readers.Remember you are a visitor here, and so is everyone else. I’m sure you don’t want to be seen as boorish. As for the various pseudonyms here, the internet can be scary and you tend to come off that way too.Nobody wants you (or any other kook for that matter) to show up for dinner.Give us all a break and stay on topic for the next post or better yet refrain all together. Nobody cares about your dates or any of the other crazy stuff you discuss.Your constant waffling is silly and does nothing to encourage lively discussion.
    This all said I beg of you, quit bugging the people who appreciate this site for relevance and get your own damn blog.
    I challenge you, Suzy, to act like you have some sense and take your troll tendancies back under the bridge.

  • ruhlman

    ok everyone, let’s give it and suzy a rest…

    much better to talk about norm’s sausage shoppe–doing great sausages the old fashioned way.

  • gsdaniels

    Okay, okay…enough about T’s birthday and men with sausage – is he ready to blog on The Next Food Network Star yet? I can’t wait to hear what he thinks of those blubbering idiots this week. Tears all around…

  • Claudia

    Well, there’s no such thing as too much men with sausage, I think, but you’re right, GS – Jag went on a crying jag, Mike got “verklempt”, and let’s not even mention Amy and her booby, rabbit-toothed partner . . . and no snarkfest from Bourdain on it yet? Oh, right – he’s at his bookie’s, laying more money on Paul . . . hopefully, we’ll hear something soon.

  • Natalie Sztern

    i watched harvey pekar via Tag’s link..ouch..there seems to be two faces of pekar: the painful one i saw on letterman and the hysterical one i saw from the link earlier….which is the real harvey? and how old is this letterman show?

  • Natalie Sztern

    i will email u if u promise not to start sending me crappy jokes and links to stupid stuff ok?

  • Tags

    According to the June 26 linked article Harvey wrote pseudonymously, it was in 1988.

    I’d say the real Harvey is the most recent one. Human beings learn, I think Letterman’s learned a lot since then, too.

  • Natalie Sztern

    Ya know if he is so funny he should approach the Just For Laughs festival held in montreal every year. Headliners this year are howie mandel, william shatner….cause his sarcastic humour was funny if that mini-strip is any indication of what he does.

    claudia understood ma’am thx

  • French Laundry at Home

    Michael: I think your next book should follow the lead of today’s NYT article on the women TV cooks who wear tight cashmere sweaters…. and your book should be about what men wear when they cook. :::: eye roll :::::::

  • Sorcha

    There’s a terrific sausage place here in Portland, but their website doesn’t seem to be working. Otto’s Sausage Kitchen is where we get all our sausage and bacon, and their hot dogs are awesome. That perfect *snap* when you bite into them.

  • Claudia

    This, from eGullet a while ago:

    Caught this tid-bit online. Those of us with VOD will get a head start on
    season 3:

    Travel Channel will debut new episodes of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations on
    VOD July 13, two weeks before season three premiers on air July 30 at 10 pm
    ET/PT. Anthony is going to New York, Brazil, French Polynesia, Cleveland, Hong
    Kong, Argentina, Charleston and Tuscany this season.

    Hmmm….3 domestic shows this season. Guess they’re is cutting Tony’s budget.
    I wonder if that means we can look forward to hatchet jobs on Discovery
    Communications on Ruhlman’s blog in the near future. That would be cool.

  • Claudia

    Sorry, that entire post should have been in quotes – I forwarded it. Those aren’t my comments.

  • RI Swampyankee

    Do you know who illustrated that wonderful trailer? His work is really amazing. Pekar mentioned Gary but no last name.

  • JunkyPOS

    “Sorcha –
    …What a cunning stunt!”

    hm…I dun’t know…but that is fucking brilliant!!

    However, I dun’t quite see why it’s directed @ Sorcha. Maybe I need to recollect or something.

    My apologies to anyone that is offended….

  • Vinnie

    Oops, well, now I’m confused.

    The Travel Channel’s Web site now says the Cleveland episode of No Reservations will air Monday, August 27. This contradicts an e-mail the producers sent to my in-laws at The Sausage Shoppe that said the ep will air on September 3.

    At this point, I don’t know who to believe.

  • Vinnie


    I know that they’ve e-mailed the producers for clarification, because they’ve already sent out press releases to places like Cleveland Magazine and The Plain Dealer promoting the 9/3 air date.

  • Tom Kaney

    One of my favorite dishes of all time is bourride, never easy to find outside of the south of France. The best bourride in New York (or anywhere else in the USA that I was aware of) was served at the Cafe des Artistes for many years-like a fishy, garlicky, creamy custard. Alas, it disappeared around 1995, never to surface again. Can anyone help me find a decent bourride in New York again?

  • Claudia

    Tom, re: bourride in NYC:

    Unfortunately, the celebrated Balthasar and Provence no longer have it on their menus. In Manhattan, I could only find:

    198 Orchard Street (btwn Stanton/Houston)


    Madison Bistro
    238 Madison Avenue (btwn 37/38th Street) (lloks like an expense account kind of place)

    But there is also The Belleville Bistro in Brooklyn Heights/Park Slope in Brooklyn, which is simply an F, M, R or W train ride across the East River. (You’d need to be on the F for Regate or the 6 for Madison, anyway.) Their website is: