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  • kristin

    Would truly love to be a fly on the wall at that get together.I am sure it is going to be really funny. BTW, Michael, I think I have accomplished buerre blanc! Ok I added a bit too much stock to it but otherwise it came out really well, and held til I plated dinner. (the salmon dish in Bouchon no less.) But it was a hit, and you and Tony were both right about it being so easy. Really boosted my confidence as a cook. I am even trying to get a job in the kitchen of a local steak restaraunt as a second job. Not that it was the boost I got from the buerre blanc as much as out of neccesity to pay bills, but yea,the buerre blanc did help. Have fun on Monday! We will want a full report of all of Bourdain’s scandalous behavior. I do hope that Chef Hamilton and Chef Ripert know what they are getting into.:)

  • Pam

    Not that the other events at the 92St. Y aren’t interesting – but why does my local JCC show them, and not this roundtable?

    No doubt it’ll be an intersting evening – wish I could be there.

  • gumivore

    Tickets are sold out unfortuantely… i guess i will have to wait for stand by tickets. Do you have a mailing list of your speaking engagements or know of a single source for cullinary events in NYC? I missed the Buford/Batali/Bourdain panel discussion at NYPL as well.

  • ruhlman

    kristin, congrats on the beurre blanc.

    pam, your local jcc rightly fears flagrant use of obscenity and possible violence.

    gumivore, keeps a pretty good listing of food events but maybe not so far ahead as to ensure that you get tix, so i don’t know…

  • Dana

    Ahh to be young enough again to learn something just because some one made you angry by saying you couldn’t do it . . .

  • Dana

    Ruhlman, you bring out the worst in my grammar and spelling…. make that “someone”

  • rockandroller

    I feel my confidence level boosting too, even though I’m mostly an amateur, home cook, just from reading sites like these. This week I made my first ever duck confit. It was a recipe from Vincent Guerithault’s cookbook (Vincent’s on Camelback in Scottsdale), which I’ve never cooked anything out of. I stumbled a little and thought anything that takes this long had better be good (he suggests 3 days in a marinade before roasting) but it ended up coming out great. I was so proud of myself when I was done it was just silly, me beaming at a plate of hot duck meat.

  • Pam

    Michael – Guessing at the average age of attendees(here, not there) I’m sure they were concerned heart conditions would flare up.

    Have a great time.

  • Matt

    There is a similar event for those of us in DC with chefs Anthony Bourdain, Jose Andres, and Michel Richard about their first experiences in a kitchen,

    Funny that your motivation was negative reinforcement. It seems that many people enjoy hearing the chefs’ stories, but of course, few would like to actually go through the experience themselves. I flirted with a career in restaurants after graduating college (thanks in part to your book, The Making of a Chef) and while I’ve had some good experiences in commercial kitchens, I prefer to cook out of my own. But I guess that’s the beauty of your situation with cooking. You have the respect (rightfully so, having gone through hell like all students) yet you get to convey a realistic view of the kitchen without necessarily being there. It’s interesting to understand your motivation and how you got here.

  • bourdain

    Tonight’s the night, Ruhlman. For God’s sake–please lay off your usual cocktail of boxed wine and anti-depressants for this one. (You DO remember that ugly Baltimore incident, don’t you? Probably not..) Ripert, Hamilton and I are looking forward to a civilized conversation–and moving some freaking units–so PLEASE–I implore you, just this once–try to refrain from vicious, unprovoked rants, scurrilous accusations, embittered diatribes–or passing out mid-sentence. Or trashing New York as the “axis of evil” for that matter. (That kind of talk does not go down well with the hometown crowd, believe me.) Keep it clean, too. There might be children in attendance, for God’s sake!
    I really went out on a limb to get you this gig, Ruhlman. Don’t blow it–again.