Or non-update.  A correspondent in the NJ political world who cares about food issues emailed today: "Yesterday, after a long summer hiatus, the General Assembly resumed their normal business.  However, Assemblyman Panter did not introduce his Foie Gras legislation.  Yesterday, would have been his first opportunity to do so since the controversy began.  He will have more opportunities over the next several months."

Update is appreciated.  Does this suggests Panter will let the issue lie?  I honestly don’t know how it would benefit him, NJ business, or the ducks for that matter, if he did otherwise.


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  • Dana

    Could it be that his efforts have been foie’ld? yeah, yeah, i know its not pronounced that way… but at least it’s a comment

  • kristin

    With this legistlation he is doing more harm to the economy of his state than good. He essentially will be putting 130 people out of work because his legistlation not only will ban foie gras, but he is being greedy and wants all duck by product banned too. If this legistlation goes ahead, Ariane will not be able to stay in business, and the economy in New Jersey sure doesn’t need more people filing for unemployemnt does it? Let’s hope he has come to some of his senses and he is realizing that he could be hurting his constituency more than helping it.

  • Bux

    It’s encouraging news, but, as you say, he has plenty of time left. I wonder if he’s just biding his time until the elections are over. There are some major offices to be filled in NJ–governor and senator. It might just be that he knows it’s an inopportune time to bring this kind of legislation up lest it hurt his party. He’s a Democrat, I believe, but my opinion would hold true for either party in this case. Of course I’m prejudiced in that I think it’s wrong headed legislation no matter how you look at it.

  • szg


    It’s actually an off-year election in New Jersey. Unlike most states, New Jersey does not elect ANY state official during a federal year. So, while there is one big race in Jersey, US Senate, and 12 congressionals, that’s it. Since all politics is local, the “big” races are all next year when the entire legislature is up for re-election.

    One caveat to the above is that there are always some county and local elections during a federal year in Jersey. Those candidates probably feel like they are in “big” elections.

  • Claudia Greco

    According to D’Artagnan (yes, I e-mailed Ariane myself), the NJ foie legislation has been shelved, for the time being, so no need just yet to relocate the company to the warm embrace of, say, Long Island City in Queens – lots of space, and we still eat foie on this side of the river. Although it sounds like Hudson Valley Foie Gras needs a smack upside the head – sounds like they’re planning on self-banning. OY!