In Salon I write about my worst meal ever, ever.  It was so bad, so sad, so uncomfortable, went on into the next days and remains with me even now … presaged in my mind today’s celebrity-chef-poster-child tragedy.

I’m batting, like, eighth in this line-up, which starts here.


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  • BobdG

    Oh man, I’ve had much worse food than that Michael. But I will allow that your suffering may have been greater than mine. For starters the meal I’m remembering was much shorter, and nowhere close to $700. But then what would you have made of a salad of jicama and field greens with pureed strawberries and garnished with chocolate chips followed by coho salmon in a paper bag tied with ribbon, sawn open with a serrated knife, miserably overcooked and laid out on a bed of previously frozen, unseasoned, frozen spinach? Huh?

  • pitofmystomach

    I agree, our worst meals are about sadness. Mine occured the night of my father’s funeral when I savored a tub of KFC a little too much.

    I’d have questioned whether there was a God that night, except that I remembered the mind plays funny tricks under a lack of food, immense grief, and the loss of one’s inheritence to a crazy aunt. Under those conditions, anything would taste good, even lobster foam.

  • Giant Squid

    Rocco’s downfall was described in Tony Bourdain’s “The Nasty Bits”. Who’d have thought that you were part of that same sad story?